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Help Juvaderm Injections Ruined my Eyes!

I had Juvaderm injected under my eyes to try to...

I had Juvaderm injected under my eyes to try to get rid of a sunken look. Not only did I get a black eye that lasted 5 months, now both my eyes are horribly puffy/baggy looking. WAY worse looking and adds years to my age.

After hitting a bloodvessel in one of my eyes, the doctor left the room never to return. Left the nurse to deal with it. I asked him if anything could happen that would leave my eyes messed up looking and he said "No way."

When I returned for a post treatment visit, he did offer me free facials, and botox rather than give me a refund. It was a bad experience that is still horrible.

Drs keep telling me it will go away but its been...

Drs keep telling me it will go away but its been 15 months! WILL it ever get better? Or will I need corrective surgery?

4 years later, still puffy. I ruined the look of...

4 years later, still puffy. I ruined the look of my eyes, and the function as well. DON'T INJECT YOUR EYES!!! Not enough Drs know what they are doing!!!!
Dr. Timothy Cruise

Because he did not inform me of the dangers of this procedure!

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Update us on how you do I may have to do the same thing....I'm 16 weeks out so it is too early to tell. I'm probably too scared to do anything else ever again. I do not trust plastic surgeons after my experience.
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Update...I am saving money for a lower eyelid bleph to repair the problem from now FOUR years ago juvaderm injections. It is going to cost $5700.00 to repair the damage. I look tired and puffy all the time and I can't live with it anymore. Paying the price. What a thing to go through. I'm telling you guy! =S
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When do you plan to have surgery? I hope it goes well.
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In the fall if I can save enough money.
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The lower eye bleph is a good move. Are you getting both done? Not only should it fix the juvederm mess but should nicely fix the bags.

I had a lower bleph op when I was 30 cause I hated my bags. Easy operation, quick recovery (like 3 days). Almost no bruising. Expensive, but it was the best 6K I ever spent.
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Yes I'm hoping to get mine done in the fall. Haven't been able to scratch up the $7000 ( for upper and lower). It's $5000 just for lower I might just end up doing that.
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Could you find a solution for your eyes?
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*Katrina* =)
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Yes, you have to sign a consent for everything now a days. I ASKED him point blank if there could be any permanent disfigurations from the procedure and he said NO. So the fault there, it seems to me,is that the Dr lied to me. I read the fine print, just like I read what the complications can be on my medications etc. He told me there was NO CHANCE OF ANY long lasting complications and I believed him. So no. In this case I really don't take the responsibility. Sorry Mellisa.I would not have had it done if he told me there was even a CHANCE I could get baggy eyes, and the form I signed did not say that either. Everywhere else juvaderm just melts away. If you don't like it, you just wait a few months and it's gone. Why would I have assumed THIS could be an outcome without being informed. Take your snotty comment elsewhere.
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That is a lie that he told you that. My dr overloaded me with Juve under my eyes and told me it would last "a year." Well, over 4 years later it is still there. I had to have vitrase to take some of it down near the corner of my eyes, but the rest I feel I have to just live with. He made that part of my face look older. I should have not listened to him.
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Yup Jatrina, it doesn't seem to dissolve and does permanent damage to lymph glands etc. After this happened to me, my Dr. stopped doing that procedure completely...huh. Guess ya learn something new every day! =(
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Yes, there is that thing called "Phase IV Clinical trials" which are where the FDA-approved drugs bad features are really realized. I do not think that Juvederm is a bad product. On the contrary, I think it is a great product, but it is not as well-understood as a lot of doctors think it is. Under the eye, it may last forever. Once the injector understand the product inside and out, I feel s/he will be able to use it very well. Since I started injecting my face 3 years ago, I have a greater understanding and appreciation for how and where to inject, and the outcome to expect since I have a more intimate experience with it.

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I've been in the ophthalmology field for 22 years. We do cosmetic procedures also. Every patient is informed of the possible risks of procedures. If you are an adult and you read the consent and sign that you understand the possible complications you need to take some responsibility when you have a procedure with an adverse outcome. I'm not advocating for bad doctors but come on. Don't have it done!!

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We sign a consent form that does NOT state that it will ruin your eyes and last forever. It specifically states it is temporary and will dissolve on its own. Sorry dawlin, you can't defend that one.
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psoldoff: Yes, fingers crossed! I'm confident this will all resolve. Our bodies WANT to get rid of things. I just think this stuff sticks around and mixes things up far longer than these doctors tell us. But in time, we'll be back to our selves. I bet you look better than you think you do too. I mean, my lips have caused me all kinds of panic at times, when I've had a few over-fills and it went away on it's own -- I looked like same old me again. As the eyes are less forgiving, it's not the same, but it IS the same material, so I think it just takes extra time. I had an enormous bruise on my arm from a car accident -- it lasted for months and months. Of course I never felt ashamed because it was an accident, not something I felt silly about (vanity), but it took a long time to heal, and it was ugly! But it healed. And this will too. Our bodies want to heal.

Keep me posted. I'm so sorry this has caused you such stress, but since I understand and empathize completely, it would be nice to lift each other's spirits! And you deserve it!
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psoldoff: Thank you for your post. I wish every woman considering this procedure could read this, because it would really help them research more and weigh the pros and cons.

Too often the doctor makes it seem like such a tiny little thing. "Oh, it'll be fine in a week. It's just swelling. You're overreacting." etc. and so on. They don't consider both the patients anatomy AND their self esteem. I really think doctors should talk to their patients at length about not just the procedure, but how one might FEEL after. Even if done well, some patients get depressed. It's an invasive thing that changes your appearance and it can cause obsession and sadness in people who walked in quite normal and healthy. I also had this done. Once, it was just fine. The second time, a year later, it was a nightmare. Huge bruise, lumps, had some of it dissolved, but that never really helped (probably made things worse), and a year and a half later, I too have noticed more eye bags. Some days are OK, others I wake up and I'm like "Oh my god!" I never had eye bags before, my problem was sunken in eyes. Well, not anymore. I'm pretty sure most of the product is gone, but now I will have to suffer with eye swelling more frequently (especially before and during my period). I also developed dry eye syndrome from this, and I've just had to accept that now too.

Please don't be too hard on yourself. One thing I believe is that, through time, it WILL just heal. Our bodies do heal themselves, but when we have unnatural product placed in there, it can take longer or our bodies will get confused. It's just that it takes so damn long... A lot longer than doctors tell you.

I've had my lips done. Very nicely and sometimes overdone -- but it's always gone away. But the eye area is really tricky. Again, there really should be a long discussion before this is done and it should be done in small steps.

Thanks again, and keep us posted. You've been through a lot. I totally understand.
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SallyAnne you nailed it, and you nailed the way I have come to feel about it. Like hopeful that it will eventually heal, and accepting that I screwed up by letting someone do it in the first place. I also still have me lips done and my botox... it all works fine, but like you said, eyes are tricky. Lets cross our fingers that both of our bodies will eventually heal the problems.
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Hi all!
Love my derm that does my JUVE fro me , BUT... it is killing me price-wise. I know I want to keep getting it but don't know how I would :
A. Get a script for ordering.
B. Inject it myself.
I know, I know... But any suggestions? And thanks to all; makes me feel better about beauty- not just vain.
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Yes I buy my own juvederm products and inject myself. I started injecting myself about 3 years ago. Not only do I save money, since I am concerned about my own face because it is my face and i have to live with it every day, I make sure I do it right! I also have medical background, re-study facial vascularization and innervation before every procedure to ensure I do not hit any vessels or nerves. I am very conservative and allow a few weeks before I inject again to make it right. I carefully compare actresses currently in their 30's with their pictures from 10 or 15 years ago to ensure what looks good and what areas are in need of addressing as time passes. I then watch videos on youtube and other sites where proficient doctors perform injections and watch their techniques. I do not trust most doctors anymore, and the good doctors I watch are usually across country from me, so I could not easily visit them anyway. I love doing this myself.
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Please keep in mind that self injecting is extremely risky and RealSelf does not endorse this.

Here is a Q&A that may be of interest on this topic:

Cosmetic Injections - Proper Training and Injector Qualifications?

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All these stories are horrible! I recently had restylane as a filler for under eye hollowness. My eyes were swollen and black and blue for 3 days. Now I have 2 raised rims leading down to my cheek bones. I am planning to go for an early follow up because this looks aweful. Why do we put ourselves through this???? We spend our hardearned money and it is literally a roll of the dice if you don't end up looking deformed. I did not look terrible before, concealer did the trick. I just wanted to look refreshed without make-up. I did learn a very valuable lesson from all thisI Be grateful for what you have, a few lines or imperfections give you charactor. I will never put myself through anything like this again. I hope those of you who have suffered the pain, and deal daily with the deformaties left by these practioners get retribution. Not only for the demage they have done but for the emotional demage they have caused. I would sue them and contact each and every website and review your experience. These people have no right leaving anyone looking like that. Good luck and god bless

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So sorry it happened to you too. It IS a roll of the dice. Something should be done.

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Thank you for your good wishes, I have learned to live with my problem now. I actually had sometime when the juvaderm slid down my cheekbones (from my under-eyes) and eventually those dissolved tho! Hope you have good luck with your problem! btw, no attorney would ever take my case because I suffered no monetary loss. =((
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Juvederm was injected in the hollows of my eyes when I only wanted one wrinkle traced. It also moved all over and slid down my cheeks as well. When it hardened, it produced horrible wavy wrinkles everywhere it had settled. I had to get some of it dissolved, but there is always remaining Juvederm causing swelling and wrinkling. I'm going for laser surgeries to try and help wrinkles under my eyes, melt leftover Juvederm, and treat festoons that rose avobe my skin level, all of which were never visible before Juvederm three months ago.
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Did laser help? I'm also having a juvederm disaster (5 months in).
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