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Be Careful - Tried Filler Around the Mouth W/bad Results (74 Y/o)

I am 74 y.o. WF with quite a bit of wrinkling...

I am 74 y.o. WF with quite a bit of wrinkling around my mouth. I researched and decided that a filler might give me the best results.

Due to wrinkles around my mouth, I had juvederm filler by a "competent" dermatologist. Now, one side of my upper lip is narrower than the other And, the area around my bottom lip is awful----it has several "pouches" about the size of small pea, which are soft to the touch. The doctor said, "I've done a lot of fillers and I've never seen this before--there's nothing I can do." HELP! Thanks.


To be honest Juvederm was probably not the right thing to do here, In younger ppl with superficial lines & wrinkles it does ok but the worse the lines & wrinkles are these fillers just don't do the trick(or you need soooooo much of them) or worse get the bad results that you did, I am sorry that you did not get your expected results and that doctor should be admosnished for doing the Juvie to begin with and taking your money 4 nothing as it turned out* It does go away on its own in time so don't worry to much...good luck*
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I would take Krystal's advice. Do NOT get the hyaluronidase injection to dissolve it - see my review and question. Some people are allergic to it and there does not seem to be any allergy testing done before it is administered. My allergic reaction is an ongoing nightmare to which there seems no end...
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It sounds like he injected too superficially. This is the result when it is not placed deep enough. Also, as we get older, our skin thins, so this "competent" dermatologist should take this into consideration. If you have several pouches the size of small peas, it sounds like he injected serially and put pea-sized amounts too close to the skin. What you can do for self-help is take a very fine sterilized needle (you can purchase allergy syrings and insulin syrings over-the-counter that are very thin and already sterile), and clean your face with Dial antibacterial soap, and then several wipes with an isopropanol pad, let air dry, then nick the pea well, and VERY GENTLY with your clean fingers, apply pressure to the sides of it. It should express itself (like "popping a pimple). Some doctors do this if the Juvederm is still fresh. It is better than injecting another substance, hyaluronidase, to dissolve it. hyaluronidase can create its own complications by dissolving more than what you want if it is not injected appropriately.
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Do not have high expectations.

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