In Love with Juvederm

I am so incredibly satisfied with my Juvederm...

I am so incredibly satisfied with my Juvederm injections into my upper lip I can barely stand it! The difference is amazing and even though I got faint-ish during the process, the outcome is worth it by far!

It helps having a very skilled plastic surgeon do it too. I don't think I would have trusted anyone else. I am going to go back very soon to get my bottom lip done too.

I am hooked. Try it! But be sure to go to a plastic surgeon to have it done.

Wow! Your lips look gorgeous! How long did the effects last? And how long after the procedure was the picture taken?
Thank you! This was the second day after the procedure. I only got it done 2 weeks ago but so far they look the same. My doctor did it very skillfully, he did a great job. I plan to go back in 3 months time. I realized I forgot to include a before picture. I will add one of those later on when I get a chance!
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

He is always professional and he did an amazing job. He listens to you, he knows what looks good and what looks over done. Absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to have Juvederm done. He did my nose also and it looks incredible.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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