Hated my Profile, Now Worried I Have Pollybeak Deformity Post-rhinoplasty

I had this surgery because I hated my profile due...

I had this surgery because I hated my profile due to my retracted collumella. The surgeon talked me into a full "top to bottom" rhinoplasty. He used septum cartilidge to build the collumella and this looks nice.

I asked him not to reduce the nasal bone too much, as I did not want a narrow nose. He in fact reduced it quite a bit so it was a bit of a shock! I am hoping it doesn't get even more narrow. But I must admit that I am starting to get used to it. I am open to it as long as the results are pretty. Still don't like that he didn't listen to me.

Main concern is this Pollybeak I have now. Please provide any input!

To me this looks like a pollybeak deformity. I also agree with earlier post about your nose looking a little short. Who was you surgeon? Do NOT go back to him!!! Most likely you will need a revision. There are several good revision doctors out there, just do careful research. Get several opinions as soon as you can. I am from the US so giving you my doctor's name probably won't be of much use to you. Write back to this thread if you want me to contact you. I am sorry, but I wish the best for you.
i have a crooked nose due to a sports injury, however, i will will will will NOT get a nose job, i cannot get it through my head to bear thefact that my face will be cutopen and chances of bad things can happen, your nose was really nice b4, why did u tampered with it, now it is short and stubby but not bad, just a little different, please dont put your body through anymore cosmetic surgery, let it be.
@joe sloppy, This is a plastic surgery forum. If you will never consider having surgery, then why are you here??? Your comments are unnecessary and unhelpful.

I had an open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago, and can...

I had an open rhinoplasty 3 weeks ago, and can notice what "looks" like a Pollybeak deformity. It is the area just above the tip, and it is very hard to the touch. It was noticable after the cast removal, but the area was smooshy and top of the beak was much higher. It has now settled to the area above my tip and is fairly hard. My corncerns are these: Is it to soon to determine whether this is due to swelling or Pollybeak? Would swelling feel hard like that? Could it be scar tissue? Would scar tissue form this quickly? If it is scar tissue, will it shrink and smooth down in the next few months? Is it too soon to have Kenalog injections or is it better to address the issue as soon as possible? I had this surgery because I hated my profile due to my retracted collumella. The surgeon talked me into a full "top to bottom" rhinoplasty and if I end up having a profile I hate after paying 5,000 euros, I am going to be upset as this was the only thing I wanted corrected in the first place! -- Updated on Dec 6, 2009: Rhinoplasty done 2.5 months ago. I didn't want to touch the profile but the doctor told me I had a bump that should be removed to improve the overall results. Doctor says I don't have Pollybeak because he says that this is something that develops many months after the surgery, and my profile looked like this from the time the cast was removed. The doctor also says that injections won't do anything for me so he won't do it. So my question is, if it's not Pollybeak, what is wrong with my peofile? Why does it look so ugly? What can I do about it? I cry everyday over this! -- Updated on Dec 7, 2009: I added an update but it won't post for some reason. The after pic is from 2 months so the weird profile is still there. It's even more scary because I thought it would go away by now. Would like as many doc opinions as possible, as my doctor tells me that this is NOT Pollybeak and that he will not give me kenalog injections. He said Pollybeak develops months after a rhinoplasty and my problem was immediate so this is not my issue. However, he won't tell me anything more ... So what is this and what can I do to fix it?! I can feel a distinct bump of separation where the hump is, and it is hard. Could it still be swelling? Help! I even told him I did not want him to touch the profile, but he said he made an "artistic judgment"!
Finally my Doctor admitted that he made a mistake, which somehow makes me feel better. He said that we need to wait 6 mos after surgery and then he will do an in office procedure to smooth the cartilidge near the top so that the nose is smooth and straight. Length wise, the tip has dropped over the past 2 weeks, so the nose doesn't look short anymore and as upturned. I guess that was just from swelling. The pollybeak is still there, but I have been massaging it 2wice a day which has helped a lot. It starts off hard but after massaging it feels like bubblegum, so who knows, maybe it's just swelling. In any case at least I know that the dr is not in denial and if the pollybeak is still there by the end of March, I can go take care of it for free. That's a relief!
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Too soon to answer this question !!!!

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