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Help... Lip Too Big After Juvederm

I always wanted to try to "plump" up my...

I always wanted to try to "plump" up my upper lip. My bottom lip has always been "full", but my upper lip was much thinner. I never tried a lip filler, so decided to try it.

 I just had my first ever Juvederm injection yesterday in my upper lip. The nurse injected 1 full cc into the upper lip. Is this the recommended amount? I ask because my upper lip is very swollen, too big, and looks abnormal. I am hoping some of this is swelling, and I am trying to be patient. Please tell me what the normal cc amount is for the upper lip, and how much of this is actually swelling. When can I expect the "true" results to show? At this point, I wish I had never done this. I feel I look abnormal.

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Okay so basically i had 1cc of juve put into my top lip 7 days ago
The first day i was horrifed, my lips were abnormal looking lumpy and unevan
Second day still same but enormous n swollen and i looked like a duck literally
3rd day very swollen still n unevan
4th day swelling going down but noticed inner lip bruising
5th swelling going down and lips looking better
6th day actually liking my lip they are more evan and but still lumpy
Today lumpy but evan and not sore still abit of brusing inside my lip

Basically ive had juve serveral times but this time i bruised and swelled so much, its normal and WILL go down. Im abit unhappy with the lumps but my lips look gud so its gud enough for me i guess!
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Ou one more thing
Ive never had a whole syringe putnin just my top lip so i was very unhappy n scared also, i thought 1 cc was far too much! I still feel my lips are overfilled but im
Not going to remove te filler cause it looks gud
Atleast lol :p
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I had my first ever Juvederm injection yesterday as well with the exact same results.The doctor used 1 cc of Juvederm in only my top lip, and today I look deformed! I also wish I hadn't done this because I look horrible! I'm hoping it is just swelling and it will go away soon because I can't even go out in public right now.
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So sorry to hear jjessica88 - I hope the swelling goes down & you feel better soon!

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I'm curious to know how this turned out for you, now that you are over a month into it. I'm in the same situation, except I just had this done two days ago. My wrinkles are gone, but I look weird, which defeats the whole purpose.

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I am having the same problem with an abnormal looking upper lip due to juvederm injections. I am 45 and in the past 2 years I suddenly developed wrinkles above my upper lip. I told my doctor that I wanted to minimize these wrinkles. She recommended juverderm plus and proceeded to inject an entire syringe slightly above my lip and into my upper lip. My lip area has a deep purple bruise and looks abnormal. I pray that this is indeed due to swelling.
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how long does juve typically last ;;;;;i have seen anywhere from 2 mon to 6 mos..... i just had my firt today. i lover it! i think ALOT of the swelling has gone down. they used a wholw cc which i was afraid was too much....no way....i wishthey were biggere already!!!
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Thanks for the encouragement. You are so right... it IS more swollen in the morning. It is day four now, and the swelling is slowly getting better. If the swelling goes down just a little bit more... I would be very happy. If I do this again, I think I might ask for 1/2 cc at a time. Thanks for the encouragement.
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Trust me.....there is at least 50% swelling in your lip right now. Mine took around 1 week for all the swelling to go away...keep putting ice on it right now for next couple of days. Your lip will always appear larger in the morning. I had mine done now 2 months ago and unfortunately it is just about back to what it looked like before I had it done.
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