Breast Implants with Lift on One Side

I had breast implants with a lift on one side-- so...

i had breast implants with a lift on one side-- so far im only 14 days out and things are going well already my self esteem is higher and im sure it will only get better once completly healed-- basically i did it because with age and childbirth things were not looking the way i wanted them and i was always self conscious about the appearance.

14 days post op and just started having a clear slightly bloody drainage from incision around nipple on breast that i had the lift done other signs or symptoms of infection. any ideas? also steri strips are stil in place.

I had a breast aug with lift on my left both sides through aureola. (you can see my pics on my profile/review). I have similar fluid leaking. I was told it is fine and to air them out a couple of times a day and then keep dry gauze on as they heal. At night I can put neosporin or such under gauze. I hope all goes well for you.
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