Downsized Implants from Textured Silicone Unders to Smooth Overs

Hi, I recently downsized my breast implants, they...

Hi, I recently downsized my breast implants, they looked bad and were bottoming out. I started out with moderate beast tissue.

I had some rippling in my cleavage area before and, unfortunately, it is still present... even a little more obvious than before. My first implants were textured silicone unders, now they are smooth overs.

Updated August 28, 2009

I upgraded my 340 implants to about 500 (placed submuscularly) about a year ago, at the suggestion of the ps (although it seemed like a lot to me). I had breast aumentation in the first place because I had lost some fullness, some perkiness. Although I had breast tissue, I am a rather thin and athletic. It all turned out wrong. The implants were huge (about 500 hp), so they started to peek at the bottom, to ripple a little in the cleavage area, the felt heavy, looked round and fake and some scars became hypertrophic.

Anyway, about 4 months ago I had revision surgery with a great doctor. He raised my imf, closed the pockets and replaced the implants with 286 placed subglandularly.

I feel very comfortable now and with a bra clothes on they look nice. They don´t have ugly stretchmarks and the skin looks good overall. But unclothed it is different. Tthey sag, specially the side view is not nice because the upper pole us sort of empty and they slope at a strange angle. I can stick a pencil underneath them. They don´t look perky and young like they did after the first ba (should have kept that, period!). And the other thing that is troublesome is that there is still rippling....this is what makes me feel like a freak every time I take a shower and have to look int he mirror. I want to look normal...normal does not have funny ripples!

I don´t have kids, but am planning on getting pregnant within the next year. IOne child is all my husband and I are planning on having. I will not be breastfeeding, it has nothing to do with implants, it was a decision I made a long time ago.

I am very sad and really tired of dealing with this. I am emotionally and financially drained. My ps is great, I am waiting for his reply, since I wrote him about it, but any other feedback would be appreciated. It is said many heads think better than one. What would be best? Wait a few years, do something soon, go under muscle, use alloderm or fat....these are things I have only head about, but you are the experts...

Hi, Is alloderm an effective, permanent way to solve this problem? Is it realistic to think it will get rid of the rippling for good?

Hi there, overall I think your breasts look nice, they are a nice shape - still quite large for your frame though, and the rippling is not visible in the photo. I just wanted to give you some advice on breast implants and getting pregnant. I am fairly qualified to mention this as I had breast augmentation surgery just on ten years ago now, and I have had 2 baby's since then with the same implants. Pregnancy alone creates a lot of changes to your body without the breast feeding to top it off, the hormones and weight changes produced to allow and maintain pregnancy can cause saggier breasts with or without implants and with or without breastfeeding, so I would think carefully about this and at least have it in your mind that your breasts will most likely sag a little with pregnancy and you might in the future consider another revision (who knows) its just possible-but I can also tell you each little bundle is worth every saggy part-mine have dropped I little and the nipples point more downward than before and they actually look really natural now-I wouldn't change it for the world and I still love my breasts! :)
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