Breast Implant Removal and Replacement Nightmare

Contrapture and possible rupture (confirmed in...

Contrapture and possible rupture (confirmed in surgery) removed and replaced.

New implants were different in size, shape, and width. severe rippling around full circumference of both implants (silicone)left implant was originally significantly higher than right (6 weeks post op) now left breast is actually lower 9 weeks post op. Severe pain, pulling and burning when sitting up or any "weight" on breast for any significan amount of time (sitting up all day, severely sore by evening)If do alot of bending severely sore sooner. Previous implants had no rippling or pain.

Removal and replacement of implants resulted in new implants severely rippling (silicone) and pain/burning/soreness even at 9 weeks post op. Has anyone else experienced this? What actions did you take?

I feel for you!! I'm going through exactly the same as you! I'm going on my third month and both have rippling and more on my left cleavage!! I can't stand to look at them!!! That's not what it is suppose to be!! Talk to your surgeon and ask him to fix them!! I will be back In two months because he saw that it looks bad! He said he would be happy to fix it!! Mine are on top of the muscle ! You should read my story so you can see what I have gone through and still not happy!! I'm sure your Dr will help you!!! They understand!!!!
I feel your pain. :( Hope you were able to correct this. I have been having problems with the positioning of my implants and it is not a fun experience.
Just checking in, I am so sorry to hear you had some challenges with your implants, have you had any corrective procedures done?
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Replacement implants have severe rippling, still very painful 9 weeks post op (in fact worse than week 4 - 8)Continual sagging in left breast, One breast wider than other.

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