Hate Them, Too Big, Want Them Out!

I just had my augmentation three weeks ago on Sept...

I just had my augmentation three weeks ago on Sept 4th and I immediately knew I hated them. I feel so alienated from myself and I feel scared to death. I had nothing but bad experiences since surgery, espcially a severe allergic reaction and hives resulting in an ER visit.

I adamently and specifically told the dr that i did NOT want to be big...just fill out the empty volume my breasts were missing since i had already had a reduction about 14yrs ago. I was happy with my size just wanted them filled out.

I know everyone says to wait and give it time...but they are too big regardless. i HATE these things and I want themn out NOW...what steps does this involve? I have my followup on next week and I plan on telling the dr but Im so afraid he will be mad at me..

I did it becasue Im a personal trainer and I just wanted to fill out some volume that was missing in my breast.

I know everyone says to wait and give it time...but they are too big regardless. i HATE these things and I want themn out NOW...what steps does this involve? I have my followup on next week and I plan on telling the dr but Im so afraid he will be mad at me.. -- Updated on Sep 25, 2009: Anyone else have severe allergic reaction or Hives post-op? I broke out with the worst case ever...it also attacked my joints and my limbs swelled up so bad. Ended up in the ER and to my primary several times and was just given drug after drug, but still no answers as to what may have caused this.
Strax Rejuvenation

They did a great job on the surgery but its not what I wanted. I feel they went to big. But theyve been caring and listening and accomodative when I call. They have excellent appointment times for those of us that have to work

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2 1/2 years later now, I found your story and can relate tremendously! I just wanted mine filled out. too. They were deflated C/D breasts, and now I have DDD'S! Yikes! I'm afraid to tell my PS that I am unhappy - he seems so proud of his work. Ugh. I shouldn't care, though, right? I also feel badly to tell my husband that I hate them because I have been wanting this surgery for years, saving the money, done having kids, etc...and he thought I was fine the way I was. Now I feel guilty after spending $10,000 - what a waste! I have giant boobs that were supposedly lifted, but they are droopy oversized "beasts" that are more of a problem than ever. Was hoping to have firm little perky boobies that didn't need a bra! I can't even find bras in stores - have to special order - 32DDD is just not natural!
I just was curious about how your situation ended up turning out. Did you have them removed? How much money did it cost? Happy???
Sorry I am going on and on, but I just haven't expressed myself regarding this matter yet. I am 2 months post op, and I keep trying to talk myself into these, but now that it's warm and it's tank top season, I am really hating myself. This is exactly what I didn't want, and I made it clear to my doctor. I don't know what to do :(
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My daughter had B/A a week ago and immediately regretted the decision. She feels they are too big for her body and the whole concept of having a foriegn object in her body is freaking her out. She ALSO hasn't felt will since. SHe went off of all meds on 2nd day. She has dizziness and "brain fog", no appetite, very distressed having 2 young children. She did have some rashes the 1st few days. Dr is telling her its anxiety and normal after this type of surgery. He is an excellent Dr. in our area, but if she could she would pull them out tomorrow! Said it wasn't worth it, wants her old body back. I am also getting worried these side effects are an allergic reaction to putting the implants. I am very upset for her. Obviously spending SO much money and being unhappy is also causing stress.
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i did have Hives. on the 3th day after sugery. i have never ever had them in my life before. it was not surgical tape. because i still use it for my scars. and have no hives anymore since my implants are removed.i do believe some women have allergy right away on some chemicals in implants
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I also had implants on July 23, 2009 and felt the same exact way. Too big and too ugly. I had them taken out four weeks later on Aug 20. Surgery to have them out was not very bad but I did have to have surgical drains in my side for about a week. They were not so fun. Then after they were removed I had fluid accumulation in my right breast and had to have it drained twice. I am fine now, all healed up and happy that they were removed. And because I only had them in for four weeks my breasts returned to normal. Do it....you'll feel so much better when those balloons are out!
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My only problem is that I dont have any more days off of work to do this. So it will have to be the first of the year. I just did a post op visit and they swear I need 3 months to be able to tell. I said, well I guess I satisfy everyone becasue I have no choice but to wait due to work, but Im still feeling as if I hate them. I just hope three months isnt to long, I may need a lift even though they think they are just going to put smaller implants in. NOT...I want ME back! Thanks for replying...at least I know Im not the only one!
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what was your recovery time for this? I dont know if i can wait another three months. If I have it done on a friday do you think I can make it back to work on Monday, desk job?
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Sorry I am just now responding to you. I am having a problem getting the responses from you. You can email me directly if you want. xxx@comcast.net OK...the only problem about returning to work on Monday is that you will have surgical drains in your sides (one on each side) for about a week. To be honest...they suck. The recovery from the surgery is a breeze. Believe me, it's like instant relief after they are out. They wanted to put smaller ones in me too but I hated them so much I was afraid I would pay all that money to have them replaced with the smaller ones and still not like them. I'm with you....I wanted my body back! Email me directly with any questions. I would love to talk to you. I wish I had someone that felt like I did two months ago. By the way, I still don't think you will need a lift. You will be pleasantly surprised by how everything goes back to normal.
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i think the reason you got sick after the surgery is because you are putting a foreign object in your body that is made out of plastic. the body doesnt like it so it reacts to it like an allergy
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ok thank you...going to check it out now
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Hi Foofy,

There is another RealSelf community member also looking into explant options right now. Maybe you two could network and share information? Here's her review: Removing implants after only 8 weeks

(I will post this on her review too.)

Good luck with whatever you decide to do Re: your surgery.

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Thank you...Ill check it out now...sorry i posted this twice, Im still new here and learning how to do this
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