3 Surgeries in 7 Months. Now Doc Wants to Explant.

I have had 3 surgeries in the past 7 months. The...

I have had 3 surgeries in the past 7 months. The first time, the breasts were symmetrical and soft, no capsular contracture, but they were VERY far apart, so he agreed to do a pocket revision. After that revision, I noticed he raised one fold much higher than the other, and also that that same breast felt hot and tender for about a week. I belive I had a micro infection. The breast never dropped down to the level of the other, and was at least 1 inch higher. It also began to feel more firm with natural breast tissue sagging off the end.

The doctor denied that I had capsular contracture after only 3 months, and agreed to do a surgery to lower the fold and release scar tissue. He lowered the fold, but not quite as low as the other. He also released scar tissue, but did not remove any. My breast still more firm, has upper pole fullness, and most recently I can feel the implant "protruding" out of the bottom of the capsule that he opened. It was as if he simply slit open the bottom of the capsule, but the majority of the deformity still exists.

Now he is saying that if the implant does not decend in 3 weeks (I know it wont) that he suggests doing an explant on that side for 3 months, after removing the capsule.

I have lost all trust in him. I don't know if I should even allow him to do an explant, and is it even neccessary? I thought sucessful capsulectomy was possible while replacing the implant. I am tempted to tell him to explant both sides, remove scar tissue from the left, and so I can start again with a "clean" slate with another surgeon. even if the Right side is fine, I feel I might have better chances of symmetry if conditions on both sides were the same when I have them replaced. I only have about $6500 to cover expenses for a new surgery.

First of all, is this obviously capsular contracture? Would you reccomend explant even though this is the first attempt at capsule removal? Would explant and capsule removal leave me with a "clean" slate to work with, or is there a high chance I can correct this without explant? I am tempted to tell him to just take them out and I will start over again with another surgeon, both sides being the same. I know this is extreme, but wouldn't it grant me the best chances of symmetry and recovery from CC? Or should I just walk away now and start with another surgeon to correct the CC on just that side? I only have $6500 to work with.

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He has messed up three surgeries...all mistakes could have been prevented. He has horrible bedside manner.

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to be honest, your natural breasts look the best by far. And I mean they look very good, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Except to fix it back to where it weren't broke!
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Hi I am wondering how you are doing and if you found a solution to your problem? I was going to suggest a diff. doc and that they can do a capsulectomy and replace with new implant in the same surgery. I now have CC in my left breast and so want to know how you are doing.
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So sorry to here about your surgery disappointments. I recently had a revision and have to say that if you are over the muscle, silicone can be a bad idea if you have little tissue, I still had rippling so 4 wks later, went back to saline and overfilled them. Mine were really far apart too and now they are perfectly spaced, prob about a finger width apart-so that issue is definitely fixable. I love them!

If he hasn't gotten it right by now, I would not want to give him any more opportunities to mess them up. If you lose any trust in a doctor, you should not let him cut you open anymore! Also, if he has a bad bedside manner, that seems like a red flag too. You want someone that actually cares about their patients, usually they are less prone to screwing things up. I would definitely get other Dr's opinons, at least 3 or 4. That is a lot to put your body through in a short amount of time (speaking from experience!) and you want to make sure the next surgeon gets it right the next time!
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i would always always always get a second opinion ! dr's are people too, and therefore can (and obviously do) make mistakes. A second opinion can't hurt, and does not mean you have to go to that new dr for surgery if you change your mind, esp since this same surgeon has op'd 3 times and can't seem to get it right !
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do you mind me asking who your doctor was. you can e-mail me thank you
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As grim as it may seem you may want to consider just having them taken out instead of incurring further expense. Capsular contracture is a recurring problem and you may just keep spending your money and having problems. I know thats what happened to me. If you decide on another revision I wish you the best of luck.
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Well, from the looks of things after the first surgery looked pretty good considering you can't make mountains out of mole hills. I think I would have gone bigger the second time with a moderate plus, smooth under the muscle profile implant. I would not have went back for a second or third surgery until I had allowed my body to heal the first time. Your first surgery looked great considering the fact your surgeon probably went as big as he could due to lack of skin. I would find a different surgeon and have a good long discussion about what you want and some pictures in hand for the consultation. I also believe both of the silicone implant companys are offering lifetime guarantees at this time. I wish you luck with your revision.
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