3 Surgeries in 7 Months. Now Doc Wants to Explant.

I have had 3 surgeries in the past 7 months. The...

I have had 3 surgeries in the past 7 months. The first time, the breasts were symmetrical and soft, no capsular contracture, but they were VERY far apart, so he agreed to do a pocket revision. After that revision, I noticed he raised one fold much higher than the other, and also that that same breast felt hot and tender for about a week. I belive I had a micro infection. The breast never dropped down to the level of the other, and was at least 1 inch higher. It also began to feel more firm with natural breast tissue sagging off the end.

The doctor denied that I had capsular contracture after only 3 months, and agreed to do a surgery to lower the fold and release scar tissue. He lowered the fold, but not quite as low as the other. He also released scar tissue, but did not remove any. My breast still more firm, has upper pole fullness, and most recently I can feel the implant "protruding" out of the bottom of the capsule that he opened. It was as if he simply slit open the bottom of the capsule, but the majority of the deformity still exists.

Now he is saying that if the implant does not decend in 3 weeks (I know it wont) that he suggests doing an explant on that side for 3 months, after removing the capsule.

I have lost all trust in him. I don't know if I should even allow him to do an explant, and is it even neccessary? I thought sucessful capsulectomy was possible while replacing the implant. I am tempted to tell him to explant both sides, remove scar tissue from the left, and so I can start again with a "clean" slate with another surgeon. even if the Right side is fine, I feel I might have better chances of symmetry if conditions on both sides were the same when I have them replaced. I only have about $6500 to cover expenses for a new surgery.

First of all, is this obviously capsular contracture? Would you reccomend explant even though this is the first attempt at capsule removal? Would explant and capsule removal leave me with a "clean" slate to work with, or is there a high chance I can correct this without explant? I am tempted to tell him to just take them out and I will start over again with another surgeon, both sides being the same. I know this is extreme, but wouldn't it grant me the best chances of symmetry and recovery from CC? Or should I just walk away now and start with another surgeon to correct the CC on just that side? I only have $6500 to work with.

I developed cc after only one year and when my first surgeon only wanted to replace that one side and keep my implants over the muscle, I decided to go with a new surgeon for my revision, with capselectomy and two new pockets and implants under the muscle with the Strattice dermal matrix to prevent cc from recurring. It was twice the price of the original BA, but half the cost of several revisions that I (might) have needed, and I didn't have money for any of it, right? But because I needed it fixed, I went with my gut. (And my credit card). So far so good -- 6 weeks now post op and I'm happy. They are soft and squishy and all is well. I don't think you need an explant at all. Step away from your original doc who is obviously not willing to admit he's done anything wrong. My first doc was just obviously not interested in doing a revision --some docs do not want to -- even though I was willing to pay him for it.
Thank you for sharing your experience.Helps others most definitely.They look beautiful ! Monday my consult.Will be posting before and after pics.Hope Dr Shahriar Mabourakh works out.His before and after pics were very impressive
Best of luck to you. It's so refreshing to get a new, fresh medical perspective. Keep us posted.
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He has messed up three surgeries...all mistakes could have been prevented. He has horrible bedside manner.

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