Breasts Uneven 1 1/2 Years After Pocket Revision!

I had implants to gain a more feminine appearance...

I had implants to gain a more feminine appearance.

Pros- larger breasts. I am completely happy with their new size.

Cons- My breasts are now uneven!

April 2007- Breast augmentation, saline unders, 225 cc filled to 250 each breast.

October 2007- Right breast pocket revision.

Before augmentation, my breasts were symmetrical, except the right one was very slightly larger. This difference was not visibly noticeable.

Seven months after receiving my implants, the right one was situated much higher on my chest than the left, causing anxiety and embarrassment, as it was quite noticeable when I wore a bikini or low-cut top. When I went to my surgeon about this, he said the culprit was probably that my right chest muscle was more developed, or larger, than the left (I am right-handed, if this matters.), and also that I have slightly more breast tissue in the right one. I can confirm this, as I was aware of it myself, long before surgery. The surgeon offered to lower the right pocket for no charge, which he did. But it never "caught up" to the left.

The left implant has more space to move than the right. When I raise my arms at shoulder level and higher, they appear even. I wonder whether he made the left pocket too large. Can this asymmetry indeed be from the anatomical differences observed by both me and my surgeon? Should he have been able to fix the asymmetry during the pocket revision, since he knew about the anatomical differences?

I have had to learn to live with the difference in my breasts, which I now assume is the price I had to pay to have larger breasts. (I was an A cup, now a C).

I am not interested in a second revision to the right breast, as I'd hoped the revision I had would fix the problem. After healing from the revision, I was disappointed to see they were still uneven.

Overall, I am satisfied with my surgeon, or at least I want to be. During my last appointment, a year ago, he didn't act like he noticed the difference in the two breasts, even when I pointed it out.

If I built up the left chest muscle, would this help support the implant better? Is it possible to get a more even appearance, after all this time has passed, simply by developing that left muscle more? Thank you!

Yours really look great! Yes there is a very very slight difference possibly with size, but no woman has the exact same proportion on both sides. Because natural growth can even be more of a difference for some, this slight difference really makes yours look beautiful and very natural. Praise god you look so well and you have done well with the! God bless
You are right, none of us is exactly the same proportion on both sides. Over the years since I had the augmentation, the visible difference has become less visible. Perhaps the fitness routine I do now, and even chiropractic adjustments (I have some postural issues) have given my breasts a more even appearance in how they "sit" on my chest. Or maybe I have simply become accustomed to how they look. Either way, it's good, I think. Thanks so much for your comment!
I had Strattice dermal matrix put in with my revision to prevent capsular contraction from coming back, but it also helps with rippling, malpositioning, and is kind of an internal bra to support the implant, so if you were to consider another revision in the future, that might help and perhaps another doc could give you even better ideas? I think they look great also, but I understand your concern. I was able to go larger than my original 225s, so I was grateful for the chance to do so.
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