Vbeam Procedure for Rosacea and Broken Blood Vessels on Cheeks, Chin and Chest

I have Rosacea and broken blood vessels on cheeks,...

I have Rosacea and broken blood vessels on cheeks, chin and chest. Very red areas that make up would no longer cover. The procedure was yesterday.

I forgot to say, I am taking arnica cream and pellets! I found them at whole foods. I am about to start Vitamin K cream tomorrow. Just kknow you are not in this alone...I am totally with you! Do you have a follow up? I am heading to the doc tomorrow, just so he can reassure me I am not ruined for life.

I had the Vbeam laser procedure yesterday. My...

I had the Vbeam laser procedure yesterday. My face is purle and very swollen. I am taking Prednisone for the extreme swelling. Can you tell me what I can expect for heeling?
I went to the doc office yesterday. They did not admit to anything but considering I have burn marks on my face and all follow up visits as well as any procedures I may need will be at NO COST. I have healed a some since the photo but it is a very slow process. The doc said I would not be able to return to work until Dec 7th. That's if everything goes well. Since I have open wounds the concern is infection. Doc gave me styro lotion and other creams. I have to go back Monday. Good luck to you and thanks so much for your comments.
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