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1st Time Juvederm User - Now I'm Hooked!

After reading about everyone's experiences over...

After reading about everyone's experiences over the past few weeks, I finally had it done on my nasolabial folds at my dermatolgists on Tuesday.  I was terrified to mess with my face.  But now I'm so happy I did it!!  My doctor did an excellent job and I feel like I've wiped a few years off my face!

I'll about to turn 35. In the past I've always heard that I look much younger than my age.  Often, getting carded when going out at night.  But over the past year have noticed my nasolabial folds, particularly, on my left side (which I sleep on) deepening.  The folds were really the only signs on my face that gave away my age. And actually, I think mine were a little deeper than my friends who are about the same age.  I'm a DJ and work nights at clubs, and since most of the crowd is in their 20's and kids don't want an older person telling them what kind of music they should be dancing to, those nasolabial lines were really starting to bum me out.  My self confidence was becoming shot. I was even thinking I might should hang up my headphones soon.

After reading about peoples positive experiences, particulary Dolphins21 w/ her photos(Thank You Dolphins21!!!), I had Juvederm Ultra injected on Tuesday.   One syringe.  It was uncomfortable, but only took about 20 minutes.  Definately tolerable.  Very little bleeding.  I immediately looked much better and definalty younger! That left line which haunted me is now barely visable and the shadows much, much, much softer.   I wish I would have taken a before picture to post to show the difference it's made. It's kind of given me back the plumper rounder cheeks from my 20's.

I'm slightly swollen today (2 days after) but I don't think anyone can tell but me.  I took yesterday off of work, but definately could have gone in if I had to, and I doubt anyone would have noticed the mild swelling.  I was worried about needle marks, lumps and bruising, but I have none of those! It looks great!

Seems to me most of the negative experiences posted here are from people that have had it around their eyes or lips.   I think I've read enough scary posts to refrain from ever trying it on those areas.  But I got to say, I'm really, really impressed with how much it helped on my nasolabial folds.   I'm hooked and very, very grateful!


I have been considering juvaderm for the nasolabial folds also. I am encouraged by your post. You said your dermatolgist did the procedure. Do dermatologists do this regularly? There is only one cosmetic surgeon in my town, and I am worried about him being the only choice. What if he is terrible? Is there a lot of skill that is necessary to make this procedure go well w/o looking terrible afterwards? whats the worst that could happen?
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I actually went to see a very good plastic surgeon here in NYC about restylane/juvaderm at first. (He's done really great surgery-work in the past on 2 friends). But during my consultation he told me that I would need 2 syringes (and he tried talking me into putting in my lips too). I'm only 34, so my folds aren't really that deep yet (and I like my lips as they are) so I was suprised he said I needed 2 syringes, especially after reading about other users success with 1 syringe. The plastic surgeon actually scared me away. After getting the results I did with 1 syringe, I'm convinced that 2 syringes would have been too much and I would have ended up looking a bit over-engineered. I don't know if all dermatolgist do juvederm. It seems to me that there is skill and training involved. After each injection, my doctor put her fingers in my mouth to pinch the area and smooth out the filler, which (I think) prevented it from looking lumpy. She really seemed experienced in the process. As far as the worst that can happen... one of the negative-experiences I remember reading on this site say she suspected the filler was placed too-far under the skin, so it dissapeared in a very short time. Another said that she received too much filler and looked like a chipmunk. I asked the dermatologists assistant while she was numbing my face before the procedure if they do a lot of juvaderm there, and she said almost daily! So, I guess it's fairly commoon to have this done by a dermatologist. I hope this helps! Good luck!!!
thanks good answer
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