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Can Your Muscle Still Grow if You Have Pec Implants?

Can your muscle still grow if you have pec implants? Im not planning on cheating working out. im just getting it for balancing my pectus excavatum. anyway so if i have pec implants will i still be able to make my pecs bigger? like it wont **** it up or anything?

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Yes it is possible to continue to increase your pectoralis muscle after pectoral augmentation

Thank you for your important question about pectoral implants and further body builder work at the gym.

Yes, it is back to normal 3 months after pectoral augmentation with pectoral implants for my patients in Toronto Canada.

None of the muscle is damaged after pectoral augmentation but it will be stretched initially and will require healing.  Over 6-12 weeks, your body will form a layer of collagen around your implants (same as with other implants like breast, buttock, calf, hips, abs, chin, etc.); it is called a capsule.  That capsule will then prevent dislocation of your implants.

So my Toronto plastic surgery patients who have undergone pectoral augmentation can go back to light cardiovascular exercises 6 weeks post-op and to body-building exercises 12 weeks post-op.

Please note that we have several shapes of implants available in Canada and each comes in different sizes.  All are soft silicone implants, made in USA and in Brazil.

We do offer SKYPE-Camera consultation if you live far away.  Because this is not a common procedure for most plastic surgeons, we see patients from all over Canada for #BodyImplants in Toronto.   I have done over 200 pectoral augmentations in Toronto so far (2014). 

Make sure your surgeon is well experienced!

Best regards,


Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto plastic surgeon

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Can Your Muscle Still Grow if You Have Pec Implants?


Yes, your pectoralis major muscles will "grow", despite having implants in place. Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Can Your Muscle Still Grow if You Have Pec Implants?


I think your muscle can still grow after pec implants, but the implant may alter the ability to build muscle. As a bodybuilder, I like to make fairly certain that the individual has gotten as far as possible before considering the pectoral implants.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Muscle growth after pectoral implants


Pectoral implants are generally placed under the pectoral muscle. Once you recover, usually after about 4 weeks, you can start exercising including working out your chest. You can bulk up your pectoral muscle the same way you did before the surgery.

Paul Wigoda, MD
Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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