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Will Pectoral Implants Correct an Asymmetrical Chest Wall for a Male?

I recently had a procedure to correct a chest wall deformity called pectus excavatum (sunken chest). A stainless steel bar was inserted under my rib cage with the hopes that it would bring proper shape to the chest. The procedure was not a success and I still have significant asymmetry to my chest wall. Will a custom made pectoral implant correct the defect?

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Will Pectoral Implants Correct an Asymmetrical Chest Wall for a Male?


This is very difficult to answer without more information, photos, and an exam. Sometimes an implant can improve the appearance. Sometimes fat grafting provides a nice camouflage. Sometimes multiple procedures in combination may offer the best correction.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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Chest wall asymmetry

Of course this is an option to help camoflauge the pectus. I would recommend a custom implant so that it addresses the issues that you are concerned with. As with any surgery, there are potential risks involved but if you are well informed -this may be a great option for you.

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Pectoral implants for asymmetrical chest wall in a male


Of course, there is no way to be certain just how much improvement you could get, but a pectoral implant is a great way to try to improve this problem.  Complete correction of asymmetry is unlikely, but you should be able to get some improvement.  A custom implant might be required, but a standard one might work well, too.

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Pectoral Implants Correct an Asymmetrical Chest Wall


Pectoral implants will camouflage and not correct an asymmetrical chest wall such as pectus excavatum, but only if minor.  If there are chest wall irregularites near the midline - just lateral to the sternum, pectoral implants may be indicated. 

Keep in mind that the asymmetrical heights of the right and left chest walls will not be corrected, as the implants will overly these asymmetrical ribs.

If the central depression is still quite prominent, the implants will only accentuate it.  In a female this will increase the apparent "cleavage" which may be desired; not so in a male.

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