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Pectus Excavatum and Pec Implants

I am 37 year old male with pectus excavatum. It was described by a pedatric surgeon that I have a 'grand canyon' appearance with slightly flared ribs. I can provide digital pictures. I was told I am not a candidate of nuss procedure and I think it wold be too painful over implants. I am trying to go for a symmetrical appearance. Its noticeable with shirt on or off. Can I expect a good outcome? Also, how will implants affect my running (I do 5k, half and full marathons)?

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Pectus Excavatum and Pec Implants


Implants over the sternum may be a viable option for a larger defect. Fat grafting can be helpful in smaller defects or in camouflaging the implant.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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Pectus excavatum

It sounds like you might need a custom implant to help camouflage the depression around the midsection of your chest wall. I have done this procedure for many patients with similar situations and they are happy. Every surgery has potential risks and complications (this one does as well) so find a surgeon who has performed this surgery and who can give you honest advice.

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Pectoral Implants not ideal for pectus excavatum


Pectus excavatum is a central sternal deformity, at its deepest, and it tapers out to the sides of the rib cage. Pectoral implants enhance the pectoralis muscle which is not located over the sternum. Building up the outline of the pectoral muscles is likely to make the pectus excavatum deformity look worse as it does not improve the sternal area. You should consider other implant options that can be used directly over the depressed sternum.

Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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