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Is There Any Way to Whiten Veneers?

It seems like my veneers have gotten slightly darker. Is there any way to go about whitening them? Please help! Thank you!

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Can I whiten my veneers?

If your veneers have actually gotten darker, than I assume that you had composite (plastic) veneers and not porcelain veneers.  Today, porcelain veneers are extremely dense and smooth, making them very color stable.  Rarely have I seen porcelain veneers that have darkened over time.

Sometimes there is a light stain on the surface, and the dentist or dental hygienist can polish that out.  Sometimes the tooth looks darker because the underlying tooth has become darker.  Teeth, contrary to porcelain veneers or crowns, can darken over the years.  In those cases, one might try to bleach the tooth with tray bleaching, putting the bleaching gel on the back side of the tooth so that it can permeate through the tooth from the back side and whiten the part of the tooth that was veneered.

However, using bleach on the actual veneer, whether composite plastic or porcelain will rarely lighten the tooth's color to any degree.

You might consider replacing your old veneers with one of the newer, stronger and more attractive porcelain materials like EMax porcelain.  These veneers are strong, long lasting and very color stable!

Laguna Niguel Cosmetic Dentist

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Whitening Veneers

You cannot whiten the veneers as the porcelain will not change color. If you want them whiter you would need to have them replaced.

Whitening Veneers Is Not Possible

Porcelain veneers will not change color and can't be bleached.  If you feel that they have turned darker you either have leakage underneath the veneers or the natural tooth is turning dark under the veneers.  Either of these caused can only be corrected by replacing the veneers.  Good luck.

Scott Young, DDS
Houston Cosmetic Dentist
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Whitening Veneers

It is not possible to whiten or change the colour of Porcelain veneers. You would have to get them replaced if you like them to be whiter.

Prashant Nanda, MDS
India Cosmetic Dentist
5.0 out of 5 stars 2 reviews

Darkening Veneers

If your veneers seem darker than when you first got them this could be from a multitude of issues. 

Firstly, have you been whitening the other teeth around them with any whitening products?  This can make them look darker when they really aren't getting darker. 
Secondly, the color change could be that the cement underneath could be darkening upon aging or that there are leaks under the veneers. 
Lastly, if these veneers are composite and not porcelain could definitely stain and discolor.

I would recommend new veneers if there is leakage or composite material breakdown.  Your local dentist should be able to evaluate this for you.

Amber Wiebe, DMD, MAGD, FICOI
Fort Walton Beach Cosmetic Dentist
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Porcelain Veneers may not be whitened

Porcelain veneers are not able to be whitened like natural teeth. The veneers remain the same color. To drastically change the color they may need to be replaced. If veneers begin to darken over time it often suggests that the veneer is leaking. This means there is a minor space between the veneer and tooth in which decay may begin to form indicating the veneer needs to be replaced.

Charles Sutera, DMD
Boston Cosmetic Dentist

The colors on veneers are permanent

I have been placing veneers since the early '80s.Veneers are made of porcelain that never changes color. Many patients over time have complained of darkening veneers. I feel the real problem is the public’s choice for whiter and whiter teeth, Ten years later patients have become frustrated with the color, wanting whiter teeth. Although the veneers have never changed colors.

Benjamin S. Fiss, DDS
Chicago Cosmetic Dentist
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Sorry, veneers cannot be whitened

One of the great things about dental materials today is their color stability. This is also one of the downsides; veneers won't change.

Tooth structure beneath veneers can darken over time, and if the veneers are super-thin, the result can be a darker smile.

Bleaching the underlying tooth structure can be very challenging, so the most predictable way to improve the smile is to redo the veneers.

Lance Timmerman, DMD
Seattle Cosmetic Dentist
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Whitening teeth to brighten veneers

The porcelain will not respond to whitening, however you can whiten the underlying tooth. You can use whitening trays or in-office whitening. Your dentist can show you how.

Susan Goode Estep, DMD
Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist
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Veneers cannot be whitened

No, veneers cannot be whitened. Your dentist should try to determine why they have got darker, especially if they were fitted recently. Depending on the reason, whitening the underlying tooth may be possibility.

Sanjay Narda, BChD (Hons)
London Cosmetic Dentist

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