What is a Dental Block?

What is a dental block? I hate going to the dentist but a nurse suggested this would make injecting my lips pain-free.

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Dental block=numbing the mouth

I use dental blocks for anyone having lip filler injected. A dental block is done by injecting lidocarine (numbing medicine) into 2 or 4 of the sensory nerves to the lips. Two are injected if only the upper or lower lip is being treated; 4 are injected if both lips are being treated. The numbing injections are done through the mouth and take just a quick few seconds. Then you're pain-free for your lip treatment.

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"Dental blocks" refers to the intraoral (in the mouth)...

"Dental blocks" refers to the intraoral (in the mouth) injections of local anesthetic that a dentist uses to anesthetize areas of the mouth for dental work.

These same techniques have been used by plastic surgeons for years and years to perform surgical procedures as well. I often will perform these "blocks" to anesthetize areas of the face so that when I inject a patient's lips with Juvederm/Restylane it is comfortable for them.

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Your doctor should provide you the option for a "dental block"

Many patients can tolerate filler injections into many areas of the face with simple topical techniques such as ice or numbing cream. However, it's rare that patients are comfortable with these techniques when injecting the lips. Because of the density of nerves in the lips they are very sensitive.

In my experience, the great majority of patients benefit from dental blocks - two injections for the upper lip and two injections for the lower lip. These dental block injections are quick and make the remainder of the procedure pain free.

You can certainly try to tolerate a lip injection without the blocks, but if you're doctor doesn't feel comfortable using blocks, I would recommend you seek out other options.

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