2 Weeks Post Op to my Breast Augmentation, When Can I Start Sleeping on my Side?

My back has been really sore laying on my back all the time. I do not even get enough sleeping because of pain. And whats the purpose of sleeping on your back for ? Just curious. Thank you for your answers , I appreciate your time !

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When Can I Sleep On My Side After Breast Augmentation?

Dear Hiralpatel,

This is a good subject to ask your plastic surgeon since they will have their post-operative routine that works best for their patients. In my practice, I do not require the patients to sleep in any particular position after surgery but I do require them to wear a well-fitted, supportive bra for three to four weeks after surgery.  Give your plastic surgeon's office a call tomorrow and I hope you can get a good night's sleep soon.

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Sleeping on Side after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

I would suggest that you run this question by your plastic surgeon given that he/she is ultimately responsible for your care and knows  your situation and the operation performed intimately.

In my practice, most patients are able to sleep on their side roughly 2 weeks after surgery (with supportive bra on).

Best wishes.

When can you sleep on your side

Thanks for a good question.  The truth is every surgeon does does a little bit different operation than there colleagues, for example some make snug pockets and others are more aggressive.  Our post-operative philosophies are based on experience with our technique getting a good, predictable response--thus you should follow your surgeon's advise.  In my experience, I do not want patient's to sleep on their side for at least two weeks because I do not want lateral displacement of the implant (toward the armpit), and I also do not want patients to turn over from their side to their stomach-which is easy to do if you are already positioned on your side.  These are some of my reasons, but many of my colleagues may disagree.

Sleeping on back after surgery

I recommend that patients sleep on their back or side after surgery and wear their supportive sports bra or compression bra day and night for the first eight weeks. This is to minimize the risk of implant displacement and compromising the integrity of the incisions. However, please ask your surgeon for their advice since they may have different guidelines.

Sleeping On Ones Side After Breast Surgery


Every surgeon is different with the post-op instructions. I believe that your safest bet is to consult with your surgeon as he/she knows the fullest details of your procedure.

Usually, to sleep on your side requires you wearing a supportive garment/bra. Usually, a breast augmentation patient can sleep on her side 2-3 weeks post-op depending on the level of recovery achieved.

Best of luck to you and thank you for your inquiry.

Dr. Sajjadian

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This is a great question for your surgeon, In our practice we usually tell our patients that after 2 weeks its ok to sleep on your side with the understanding that we don't want pressure on your incisions.

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