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Is It Possible to Wear Binder to Tight? Will Cause Your Feet to Tingle?

I'm 4 weeks po and at night when my swelling is the worst, I get pains all through my legs and my feet get cold and tingly. I was wondering if I should have my binder on where my PS marked it or should I let it out a bit?

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Binder too tight.


Sometimes patients think that if the doctor places a binder it should be as tight as possible and the tighter the better.  This is NOT the case.  In tummy tuck the goal of the binder is to GENTLY compress the tissues that were elevated, the layer of skin and fat, to the abdominal wall.  This is so that the layers will heal together. This also helps to prevent fluid colllections under the skin known as seroma. In the early weeks gentle compression can also help swelling within the tissues and amd minimize puffinesss avove the incision..

I generally recommend the binder is comfortably form fitting and that my patients should be able to slide a hand underneath it. It should be worn so as to avoid bends or kinks.

If the binder is too tight or not smoothly placed on the trunk it can actually lead to healing problems or fluid collections.

Please check in with your PS about your feet. There may be other reasons for this that he or she will want to discuss with you.

Best wishes.

Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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A binder after a tummy tuck is great...but make sure it's not too tight!


It sounds like your binder may be too tight.  Give your plastic surgeon a call so that he/she can see you and evaluate the situation and possibly loosen or discontinue your binder.

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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy Tuck and Use of Binder?


Thank you for the question.

Probably best to check with your plastic surgeon, but I would suggest that you “let it out a little bit”.

I'm sure most plastic surgeons would agree that the purpose of the abdominal wall binder is not necessarily to provide compression.  An abdominal wall binder that is too tight make apply excessive pressure on a sensitive abdominal wall flap,  cause restriction of pulmonary/lung  function,  and  potentially compromise the venous return from the lower extremities etc.

I would suggest that you follow your plastic surgeon for examination of the lower extremities  to rule out other potential problems as well.

Best wishes.


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San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Tingling and cold feet after TT


By 4 weeks most patients can stop wearing their binder as the tissues have healed enough to be without the compression, but you should check with your plastic surgeon to be sure this is OK.  I try not to have my TT patients wear their binders too tight , but just snug, otherwise it becomes uncomfortable and patients don't wear it.  You should also have your plastic surgeon examine you to be sure there is not some other reason for the symptoms you have in your legs.

Boston Plastic Surgeon
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