Uneven Chest After Gynecomastia Surgery

Cost $7000 - Had Gynecomastia surgery 5-6 months ago, 2 weeks after surgery i noticed the right side of my chest clearly larger then the left. 5 months later results are the same, right is noticeably larger. I clearly see and feel breast tissue there. The doctor's telling me that the muscle on my right side is bigger then the left thats why it's bigger and im just imperfect. Wasn't imperfect before, showed him excess breast tissue & he tells me its just scar tissue and dont need corrective surgery, can i sue, what can i do about this? Very unhappy.

Will I need a revision or is it still possible for it to resolve on its own?

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Uneven Chest After Gynecomastia Surgery

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Gynecomastia reduction can sometimes take 6-8 months to reach its final result after the surgery.  If there is residual asymmetry after, additional liposuction can be performed to even out the chest.  Good luck and be safe.

John T. Nguyen, MD, FACS, FICS
Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry & Swelling Following Gynecomastia Surgery

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                  Breast asymmetry is not uncommon in men with gynecomastia. This may occur for a variety of reasons including asymmetry of breast tissue and asymmetry of the underlying chest wall.

                  When surgery is performed to correct gynecomastia it’s not unusual to have mild residual asymmetry. In most cases this results in an acceptable result. In some cases the residual asymmetry may be significant and revisional surgery may be necessary.

                  Although it’s not clear what type of procedure you had performed, it’s apparent that you have residual gynecomastia and asymmetry is present.

                  In the immediate post-operative period swelling and scarring may contribute to asymmetry. It takes about six to twelve months for these problems to resolve. Once this occurs, a decision regarding revisional surgery can be made.

                  Based on your photos it would appear that you would benefit from bilateral subcutaneous mastectomies through peri areolar incisions. At this point, it might be helpful to seek a second opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon. 

Asymmetry after gynecomastia surgery

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It would not be uncommon for the sides of the chest to be slightly asymmetrical. After resection of the gynecomastia, the distinction between the two sides may have become more apparent to you. You haven't described the surgical method used. It you had liposuction alone, this would not have been enough and resection of additional glandular tissue would be warranted. If you had resection of breast tissue, it would appear that you could benefit from further resection.

Robert L. Kraft, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetry after surgery

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No surgeon can ever guarantee perfection or exact symmetry between the two sides (most patients start off with differences between the two sides) but that being said, it looks like you may be able to remove more tissue from both sides.  I would recommend you get a second option if you are not happy with your results and see what your options are.

Gynecomastia correction needs revision.

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I am afraid you need a revision of both sides. The left side is not flat either, although smaller.

These things happen. Wait three months, and then see another plastic surgeon.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven breast after gynecomastia repair means probably unevern before surgery

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Without seeing your pre-operative picture it is difficult to make a recommendation. Without trying to sound sarcastic, it is rare for a person to be even. In fact the vast majority of women have a larger left breast. Differences in the skin, nipple position, areolar size, fat content, glandular volume, muscle bulk, and skeletal consttruct make it unlikely that the right and left breasts are ever perfectly even. Having said that, if you are dissatisfied with the results, seek a second opinion to review your condition and options for management.   

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Uneven results after gynecomastia surgery.

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It is common to see uneven areas and swollen areas after gynecomastia surgery that used extensive liposuction. One of the most important factors for success after such a procedure is for the patient to wear a tight compressive vest garment at all times. This will help with the resolution of edema and will allow the skin to smoothly stick onto the underlying muscle area after you have healed. If after 6 to 8 months after your surgery you still have irregularities it is possible that you may have areas in your breast where an uneven amount of fat was removed. Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon as they will be able to evaluate if you indeed have an uneven area or if you have some persistent swelling. An even areas may generally be fixed with a revision procedure that includes liposuction and possible fat grafting two areas of depression.

Pat Pazmino, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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Uneveness after Gynecomastia repair

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from the picture you still have a lot in both chests.

Get another opinion from a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON, will be able to tell how much breast tissue and how much fat you have.

you will need both liposuction of the chest and excision of breast tissue through a periareolar incision, symmetry can be achieved may be not 100% but at least 90%

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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