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Smoking Marijuana After Tummy Tuck

I recently had a Tummy Tuck where my Doctor said i didn't need any Muscle work done, cause i was already in great shape, just had loose skin. This was about a week ago today. Am i able to smoke marijuana or have a smoke? I don't know how long i am supposed to wait before i am able to do any of this.

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A: Smoking Delays Healing After Surgery


Thank you for your question.

Smoking after surgery can substantially delay your healing process and puts you at higher risk for infection as well as other complications. To ensure the best outcome from your procedure it essential to refrain from smoking throughout the healing process. Even though the harmful effects of tobacco cigarette smoke have been studied to a greater degree than those of marijuana smoke we strongly advise against either, especially until you are fully healed from your surgical procedure. Additionally, marijuana smoke may interact with prescription pain medication with potentially fatal results.

If you are having trouble stopping smoking on your own visit for additional support.

I hope this helps.

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