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How Much Does a Tummy Tuck Cost in Huntsville, Alabama?

I weigh 219lbs. 5'6" with a BMI of 34. I would like to know a close estimate of how much a tummy tuck would cost me in Huntsville,AL. if I paid cash. I have attached photos of my tummy to give a better idea. I know having the surgery will not make me healthier, but I would like to do this in the very near future. Sort of a jump start to my mommy makeover.

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Cost of tummy tuck


Cost of tummy tuck varies depending on the followings: 1) Surgeon's fee, 2) Anesthesia fee, and 3) Facility fee.  All of the above will depend on the amount of time needed to perform your surgery.  For instance, a patient needing two-hour tummy tuck will be charged less than another person needing four-hour extended tummy tuck. Tummy tuck is a great procedure to contour the abdomen, especially for moms who have excess skin and fat as well as stretched out muscle.  Tummy tuck should be done when one is at a stable weight.  Given your photos, I would encourage you to lose some more weight; then, your result will be better. 

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