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Does Tummy Tuck Cost Depend on Weight?

Is it cheaper to perform a Tummy Tuck on someone who is a normal weight? I've recently lost 60+ pounds. Because it was in a 6 month time period, I've gained many stretch marks and and a gross "pouch" thing that so far seems to be permanent. However, I am of a healthy weight. (5'2" and 130 pounds.) Thank you.

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Depends on the work involved


I adjust my price based on how much time my patient's surgery will take. Certainly a tummy tuck on you would be different that on someone who needs 15 pounds of fat removed. I would speak to your surgeon about this as some Doctors do not adjust price and charge a flat fee for all of their procedures.  

Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon
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Tummy tuck and price


It per se doesnt depend so much on weight but how much time it will take and how much work needs to be done. Obviously if you are heavy then there is likely more work to be done and it will cost more.

Now if you have lost a lot of weight and just have skin remaining it may not be as expensive as some one who is larger and had more weight.

Hope that makes sense.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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