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Tummy Tuck and Started Overeating, Any Appetite Suppresant That is Ok to Have?

I have had a tummy tuck three months ago. I notice that with each passing day, my appetite is increasing. I'm so scared to gain weight. Why am I getting hungry all the time??? I creave food constantly.

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It's called will power.


You need to get control of your life. Seek professional help. Diets are not fun, but there are doctors who can help you.

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How to suppress appetite after TT


I don't recommend appetite suppressants but some dietary changes may help you to not feel hungry all the time.  The recommendations are well known, safe and healthy for you.  Eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.  The increased fiber intake adds bulk to your diet without adding many calories and keeps you feeling full.  Eat small portions and eat several times a day instead of 3 times a day.  Include a good source of protein each time you eat.  Protein helps to keep you feeling full for longer periods of time.  Drink plenty of water as it keeps your stomach full and also hydrates you.  This combined with will power should help a great deal.  If you need more specifics, you should contact a qualified dietician.

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Overeating after Tummy Tuck?


Thank you for the question.

I would  not suggest that you diet or use any “appetite suppressant”.   Although there is no specific “recommended diet” for the post-tummy tuck patient a well-balanced diet with high fiber and a good protein source would obviously be helpful. Frequent hydration is also important.

If you do decide to  “control” your diet,  this would be best done with the help of a well experienced dietitian and/or physician.

Best wishes.

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