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Stomach Pain After Zeltiq (CoolSculpting)

I Have Tenderness After Zeltiq on my Stomach It Has Been 4 Days Since and It Feels Like I Have Been Doing a Million Sit Ups? is this common? it actually really hurts i am quite worried i had it done on my lower stomach,i only have a small amount of fat there im not a big person its just a pot belly, i also wanted to know if i have to go on a strict diet or the fat should go away by itself not worring about what i eat? i know i have to wait 4-8 weeks though just curious? :)

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Pain after CoolSculpting


During the CoolSculpting procedure, there will be intense cooling for a few minutes. Some people find this uncomfortable, but the area soon becomes numb and people can relax and feel quite comfortable during a treatment. Following the treatment most people continue with their day normally with little to no discomfort. Over the course of a few days, some people feel mild discomfort similar to the feeling one might have after a workout. On occasion, significant discomfort has been reported. The patients who experience significant discomfort are almost always patients who have had treatment with a single large applicator administered to the lower abdomen area.  In my practice, we offer compression garments like the ones we use for patients following tummy tucks or liposuction. This has seemed to provide additional comfort and support to patients. On occasion, a patient might find relief with a non-narcotic pain medication called Neurontin.  This can be prescribed by the doctor or the physician assistants and nurse practitioners in the practice. However, most patients do not require medication following a CoolSculpting procedure.

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Mild Discomfort Not Uncommon with CoolSculpting


It is not uncommon to have mild discomfort following CoolSculpting to the abdomen.  The longest length of discomfort time reported from any of my patients has been 2 weeks.  If you are worried about it, be sure to follow-up with your provider.  We recommend in our post-care instructions some things to help reduce swelling or pain, and to help support the detoxification of the liver, but CoolSculpting itself should not be used as a tool to excuse poor dietary habits.  A simple balanced diet that we discuss with patients in their post-care is the best way to help support optimal results with CoolSculpting.

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Pain and Zeltiq's CoolSculpting of the abdomen


If you have a pot belly, that means the fat is behind the stomach wall, around the intestinal tract, and as you say you had little fat in the abdomen, meaning above the muscle wall, then the Zeltiq was pulling harder on the deeper tissues, and although the muscle is not pulled into the machine, the nerve endings or collagen attachments to the muscle from teh subcutaneous tissues might have pulled harder and it hurts now.  This should go away in a few weeks.  Follow up with your doctor.  You should be concerned about your diet as increasing your calories will make you gain weight and some will go back to the residual 80% of fat cells that don't die from the Zeltiq in that area.

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Zeltiq - CoolSculpting and pain


Some patients experience minor discomfort for about 7-10 days following the procedure in the treated area.  Rarely (less than 1%) some patients may have more significant pain requiring anti-inflammatory or other pain medication.  In my experience, patients that require the use of the large applicator tip experience a little more discomfort.  While no specific diet is required after CoolSculpting, it is ideal to maintain a healthy weight to optimize results.

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Zeltiq Coolsculpting can cause tenderness


Zeltiq coolsculpting can cause tenderness for up to 2 weeks after your procedure.  It is most common in the abdominal area, especially with the new large handpiece (both sides treated at once.)  Wear comfortable clothing that doesn't rub the area and it should resolve soon.  We tell our patients to let us know if it is severe, continues after 2 weeks or worsens.  Also, no special diet is needed but don't eat more than you usually do.

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Soreness after Zeltiq


It's really not uncommon to have soreness 4 days later in the area treated by Zeltiq, especially if you are relatively thin to begin with.  Some patients experience soreness, bruising and pins & needles-like sensation in the areas treated.  If the pain continues to increase, I would speak to the physician that treated you.  Though a special diet is not necessary, Zeltiq does work best for people of a stable weight.  It is not a free pass to eat whatever you want.  Though fat in the treated areas is gone with time, if you gain weight you will gain it somewhere.  Results are generally not evident for 2-3 months.  Most patients have 2-3 treatments in an area, approximately 2 months apart.


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No diet required with Zeltiq

While of course it is optimal to diet when one is interested in losing weight, one would still see a reduction in the fat pad being treated even without being on a strict diet. In reference to abdominal pain after Zeltiq, it is pretty unusual. However the funny feeling that people feel in the abdomen will usually disappear in several weeks.
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Coolsculpting pain after treatment


It is not unusual to have abdominal discomfort after Coolsculpting. It can be uncomfortable for a few weeks but always resolves. I explain this to all my patients and none have had pain that persisted for more than a few weeks. The results have been consistently excellent with treatment and the pain has no bearing on outcome. I suggest always let your doctor know.

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CoolSculpting of the Abdomen


                  Patients who undergo coolsculpting of the abdomen occasionally complain of abdominal pain and swelling. The origin of this problem appears to be related to traction on the underlying abdominal contents. Patients typically describe a dull achy pain which may be accompanied by low grade swelling.

                  In some cases the swelling can actually translate into small amounts of weight gain. In rare cases, patients can actually experience nausea.

                  These symptoms usually resolve quickly without treatment. In some cases non- steroidal anti-inflammatory agents are helpful, but most patients are symptom free within a week of the procedure without treatment. Most patients are able to see their final result in about 3-4 months following coolsculpting. 

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Tenderness at abdomen after CoolSculpting


Some pain and discomfort at treated areas after CoolSculpting is common and can last up to 2 weeks. Usually, the pain can be controlled with over the counter pain medication. Rarely, your doctor may have to prescribe some medication if the pain is more severe. Most people also experience numbness and itching. The larger applicator usually causes more discomfort post treatment than the smaller one.

A strict diet is not required, but it would be a good idea to be conscious of your diet since you are making an investment. The fat cells hat were destroyed during the treatment will slowly get processed out of your body and you should start seeing results in 2-4 months.

You should always contact the provider that treated you if symptoms worsen or persist.

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