Swimming, Jacuzzi After Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Surgery?

How long after surgery will I be able to Jacuzzi? Im going for full tummy tuck and breast lift?

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Swimming/ Jacuzzi after tummy tuck and breast lift surgery.

Unless there is a complication with healing, the incisions are water-tight by 48 hours.  At this point, there is no risk of incisional infection from a hot tub or pool.  However, after a tummy tuck and breast lift procedure I prefer to leave surgical tape in place for 3 weeks and ask my patients not to soak the incisions until these have been removed.

Check with your chosen surgeon on their own preferences and follow their guidlines.

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Mommy Makeover Recovery

You should at least avoid swimming pools for 4 weeks after tummy tuck and breast augmentation.  However if incisions are not completely healed you should wait longer.  Wait at least two weeks after complete healing.  Hot juccusis are to be avoided for 3-4 months. It is because stomach skin is numb after tummy tuck and hot water can cause scalding.  Lake waters are not as clean as pool water and should be avoided at least for six weeks after surgery. 

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Ask your surgeon but generally takes about 6 weeks

It is recommended that you follow your surgeon's post care instructions, since they may differ from mine. In general, however, you'll probably want to avoid submerging yourself in water until your incision lines are fully closed to reduce the risk of infection.  This can take 6-8 weeks or so.

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Pool, 6 weeks. Jacuzzi, 8 weeks. Better to be safe.....

A surgery like you describe with a tummy tuck and breast lift is a big procedure and requires a significant healing time before it is safe to resume exercise or be ready to get back in the pool or Jacuzzi.Before immersing in water (even a clean bathtub) you want to make sure all of your stitches are out and all of the incisions completely and stably healed without any openings at all.This is even more important in pools or spas where there are more likely to be contaminates in the water which can easily lead to infection.The Jacuzzi also adds the element of heat to the equation.Any tissue that is swollen is much more susceptible to burning even at temperatures that would not normally cause discomfort or damage.I would recommend waiting until at least 6 weeks post-op for swimming in a pool, minimum of 8 weeks for the Jacuzzi, and think twice about rivers and lakes for even longer! You don’t want to spoil your fabulous results just for a dip in the pool too soon.

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Swimming after surgery

Thank you for your question. I generally allow swimming after one month, or 6 weeks if it's vigorous. Follow up with your surgeon to confirm. Best regards.

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Swimming and Jacuzzi after Mommy Makeover

I recommend my patients avoid vigorous swimming or any other significant exertion for at least 4-6 weeks after a mommy makeover.  Hot tubs should be avoided if you have any open wounds since an infection could result.

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Mommy makeover recovery

Recovery after that combination of procedures varies from patient to patient.  I generally recommend waiting about three weeks before getting in a jacuzzi because it can increase the risk of infection.

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Swimming after tummy tuck

Thank you for your post. In general, your incisions need to be perfect, all drains removed and the drain site healed perfect, and the muscle repair needs to be mature with no areas of fluid collection. If the incisions are not perfect, or drain site, then you are at risk of infection in pools, hot tubs, oceans/lakes. You don't have to have perfect incisions to shower, just not submerge in bath or the above. However, I ask my patients to wear their abdominal binder non-stop, except for showers, for at least 4 weeks, so unless you want to hang out at the beach with your binder, then no beach.
Best Wishes,
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Swimming, jacuzzi after tummy tuck and breast lift surgery?

Hello! Thank you for your question! On average, a period of approximately 3-4 weeks on average is typical. Submerging in stagnant water, be it bathtubs, jacuzzis, pools, lakes, oceans, etc. can certainly increase your chance for infections. I usually await the incisions to be fully healed prior to allowing for this type of activity. If you do have any wound issues or delayed healing, expect that you will be restricted from doing such things. However, I allow my patients to shower and clean incisions at 3 days postoperative. Regardless, the answer will vary amongst plastic surgeons and you should discuss this with your surgeon and follow his/her instructions. Best wishes!

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Jacuzzi after surgery

I ask my patients to wait two weeks before getting in a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, or bath tub. If you have any wound healing issues it may be longer. Best to double check with your surgeon before diving in.

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