How Long Until Swelling Goes Down After Chin Liposuction?

I am American and had liposuction on my double chin 5 days ago. My bulge under my chin still looks the same if not slightly worse. I had been mugged about 5 years ago and my jaw broken, but I dont think the scar tissue, would have affected my double chin as the tissue never felt strange before and I have had it for years.

Is it possible that the swelling will still go way down? I've been on a million blogs and my doctor is on holiday till the 17th. Every where I read seems to say "After 2 weeks" most of the swelling is gone. True? THANK YOU!

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Swelling after Chin or Neck liposuction lasts 2-3 weeks, compression garments or chin strap helps

If you are not wearing a Chin Strap or Compression Garment I would expect your swelling to be worse at 5 days. A Chin Strap will help-call the doctors office and they should be able to supply you with one.

Some swelling persists after Chin or Neck Liposuction for several weeks and truly final results are not evident for 3-6 months.

However you should definitely see some improvement by 2-3 weeks.

If scarring from you broken jaw increased bleeding during the Liposuction this may explain more swelling than normal

Few weeks for the swelling and bruising after chin liposuction

At five days post-op, swelling is expected in the area of the liposuctioned. It may take a few weeks for the swelling and bruising to progressively diminish and abate. Most often, there is subtle swelling with gradual improvement that will continue for several months. For now, I recommend that you be patient and revisit your surgeon when he returns.

Sigmund L. Sattenspiel, MD
Freehold Facial Plastic Surgeon

healing time after Chin liposuction

 The healing time after liposuction in the neck depends upon how much was liposuctioned and what procedure was specifically performed. In our practice, we perform a neck lift which involves removal of fat above and below the platysma muscle as well as tightening the platysma muscle in the neck. Most patients experience approximately 2 weeks of some degree of bruising and swelling after the procedure  before they are able to return to their normal social and work activities

William Portuese, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Healing time after chin liposuction

Generally you're looking at about a week to maybe even two weeks of downtime depending on what you mean by downtime. For those patients who are trying to be very private about their procedure two weeks is probably safe. After that time any potential bruising and certain swelling should have resolved. You will have gone through a period of time during which you wear a supporting garment around your chin and neck. In many cases you are fine to return to work within a week and no one really knows what happened. In my office I use the SlimLipo laser assisted liposuction system that uses both traditional liposuction and a laser technology that tightens the tissues after the traditional liposuction has been performed. My patients have very little bruising if any and the swelling tends to last around a week. There are no real incisions with this so there are no sutures to remove either. You will look and feel your worst about two days after the procedure but even then it's not that bad.

Chase Lay, MD
Bay Area Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Time for swelling to go down post-liposuction

Most of the bruising and swelling are much better by 2 weeks post-op but there can be residual swelling even up to 2-3 months or longer.  5 days is way too soon. By one month you should look better, not worse than before you started. But you won't see the optimal results until after 3-6 months.

M. Christine Lee, MD
Walnut Creek Dermatologic Surgeon
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Chin and neck liposuction and swelling

I would like to see photographs from before surgery and current photos.This might give me a better perspective since your swelling depends on many factors: your age, gender, skin tone, neck contour, and the amount of fat removed. Also, chin-neck liposuction is very TECHNIQUE DEPENDENT. Its still too early to predict the final result at just five days. It may take a few months to see the final result. Remember: MASSAGE HELPS!

Burr von Maur, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Quick healing after chin liposuction

The amount of swelling that you experience is often related to the amount of liposuction done - such that larger chins often have a bit more swelling. Any swelling after chin liposuction usually heals fairly quickly and I agree with the advice of massage and wearing the chin strap. I am confident that your swelling is a minor inconvenience and you will soon see the great results that are typical after liposuctioning of the chin.

Swelling After Chin/Neck Liposuction Can Take 2 Months

The time for swelling to subside is variable depending on your age and gender. The younger you are the less time it will take. Women heal a little faster as well.

The best thing you can do is to massage the area frequently. If you were given a chin wrap, wear it every night to bed and on weekends.


Tanveer Janjua, MD
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Improvement in Swelling can be Seen in the first 3 Weeks Following Chin Liposuction

Patients undergoing chin liposuction will inevitably develop swelling following this procedure.  During the procedure, the liposuction cannula is passed through the subcutaneous tissue. This causes disruption of the lymphatic channels and cellular injury, which causes swelling.

Significant improvement in swelling can be seen in the first three weeks following surgery, with the majority gone in about three months.  Small amounts of swelling may persist up to a year following surgery.

We generally recommend the use of compression support garments day and night for the first week following surgery.  We also recommend night time compression for an additional two to three weeks after the procedure.

In addition, low salt diets and head elevation are also helpful.  Massage can be helpful as well.  This maneuver decreases swelling by mobilizing retained fluid following liposuction.

In your case, your swelling is normal and should resolve with time.  Compression, massage, head elevation and low salt diets will hopefully help you get there sooner.

Swelling after Chin Liposuction

Most swelling & bruising subside in 2-3 weeks however you can have some residual swelling up to 6 months when the final results are evident. Wearing your chin strap and massage will help with swelling.


Edward E. Dickerson, IV, MD
Fayetteville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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