Does Sucking and Pressing the Breast Increase the Size?

i am 5'2 inches tall and weight 59kgs.

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Increasing breast size

No sucking or pressing on the breasts will increase breast size unless you are nursing.  After nursing has stopped, many women loose breast size and shape.There is a temporary method called BRAVA that will modestly increase the breast size to allow fat grafting to the breasts.
Without fat grafting, the breasts then usually quickly return to their original size when BRAVA is stopped. Don't fall for the "line" from a man if he tells you that sucking and pressing or handling a breast will increase its size.

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Small change can be achieved

The BRAVA device can be used to stretch the skin in combination with fat grafting for a modest increase in breast size. The "sucking and pressing" stretches the skin and the fat transfer (your own fat removed from another area of your body and injected into your breasts) increases the volume. Most women want a bigger change than this method can provide and opt for implants. All of the options can be overwhelming and are best discussed in consultation with your plastic surgeon so that the answer can be tailored to your breasts and desired outcome.

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Sucking and pressing the breast for size increase

No.  No kind of manipulation of the breast will make them larger.  If you note it, its likely swelling and will go away.  Also no creams have been proven to work

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Does Sucking and Pressing the Breast Increase the Size?

No. Outside of nursing your baby, no amount of sucking or pressing will increase the breast size. With nursing, you are more likely to experience a loss of elasticity in the breast skin rather than an increase in size. 

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Does sucking or pressing on the breast increase size?

Sucking or pressing on the breasts does not increase their size.  As the previous doctor has said, the BRAVA device has been publicized as increasing breast size a small amount.  This device is two suction cups that fit over a woman's breasts and provide negative pressure (sucking) to them.

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Does Sucking and Pressing the Breast Increase the Size?

If you want a significant increase in the size of your breasts that lasts, sucking and pressing the breasts won't give that to you, but a breast augmentation with implants will. A BRAVA bra can give a temporary, subtle enlargement of the breasts, and it's used mainly to prepare breasts for fat transfer. Fat transfer gives a more limited result than breast implants, so breast augmentation is still the gold standard of breast enlargement.

If you're considering breast enlargement, consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon with good before-and-after results. 

Breast augmentation with implants can give a result like the one in the link below.

All the best.

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The only manipulation that we know of that increases breast size is the BRAVA system which is a temporary fix used to increase the breast's blood supply to nourish fat that may be transferred into the breast.  This is a cumbersome process that uses suction cups worn for an extended period of time to create a vacuum to increase the size and blood supply of the breast.   Nursing is of course a different issue all together where breast size is driven by hormones.  Breast implants may replace or enhance the breast tissue prior to or after pregnancy.  

Suction or Pressure to increase breast size?

Unfortunately, neither of these methods will lead to any actual increase in breast size. There is a device called 'BRAVA' which is an external vacuum-device that is used in combination with fat grafting to perform breast augmentation. However, fat grafting to the breast, especially for cosmetic reasons, is still somewhat controversial at this point because different studies have demonstrated different safety profiles.

I recommend reading the brief statement on the ASAPS website below (American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery)

I hope this helps! Good luck!

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Natural breast augmentation

There is a device called the BRAVA, which applies external pressure to temporarily expand the breast. This device is used in combination with surgical transfer of your own fat cells for a modest increase in breast size. BRAVA treatment alone will not give a permanent change in breast size. Most patients want a larger volume change than can be achieved with this method and opt for implants, or implants in combination with fat cell transfer for a more natural look and feel.

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Increasing Your Breast Size

The only safe, effective, and reliable way to permanently increase your breast size is with a breast augmentation procedure. You might be referring to the BRAVA breast enhancing system or similar types of technology. These systems are generally ineffective, do not produce lasting results, and do not produce the more significant change that many women are looking for.

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