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Does Sucking and Pressing the Breast Increase the Size?

i am 5'2 inches tall and weight 59kgs.

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Small change can be achieved

The BRAVA device can be used to stretch the skin in combination with fat grafting for a modest increase in breast size. The "sucking and pressing" stretches the skin and the fat transfer (your own fat removed from another area of your body and injected into your breasts) increases the volume. Most women want a bigger change than this method can provide and opt for implants. All of the options can be overwhelming and are best discussed in consultation with your plastic surgeon so that the answer can be tailored to your breasts and desired outcome.
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Does sucking and pressing the breast increase size?

Any type of negative pressure, suction, sucking, or chronic pressing or pushing of the breast tissue could do a couple things:   the constant trauma can cause temporary swelling (and short-term increase in size), and the stress on the skin can cause it to lose elasticity and become more lax and loose.   Unfortunately, there is no easy way and safe way to increase the size of the breasts permanently without putting something into the tissue - either an implant or fat injections, or overall weight gain.   

Dr. Michelle Spring

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BRAVA System and Breast Enhancement

I’m assuming that your reference to suction and pressing refers to the BRAVA system. This system applies continuous suction to the breast over a prolonged period of time. Studies have shown minimal changes in the breast size with this approach. Its greatest value may be in combination with autologous fat grafting for breast enhancement.
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Implants are more reliable.

There are always patients who swear that a system like BRAVA has worked wonders for them, and just as many who say that it didn’t help at all. This isn’t enough of a change for the majority of women who want enlargement, even if the results were consistent among all women (which they aren’t). Implants remain the best option for women who want more a predictable outcome from a proven method. BRAVA is for fat grafting breast augmentation only. This technique may be how we do most breast augmentations eventually, but right now it's expensive, time consuming, and can only deliver small volume increases.
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Brava for breast

The BRAVA device applied external expansion (sucking) to the breast to loosen the tissues.  Fat is then injected to augment the breast volume and the BRAVA helps to increase the survivability of the fat.  I would recommend visiting with a PS in your area familiar with the BRAVA device.
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Enlarged breasts through sucking and pressing

The Brava system is one with suction, much like the appearance of one of Madonna's old bra photos.  This has been on study for some time and remains unapproved by the FDA.  I have investigated this and although it enlarges the breast the result is asymmetric.  At times fat is injected after wearing this device for 6 weeks 8-10 hours/day. Injecting fat is also a subject of controversy.
The BRAVA remains a novel concept for both cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeons.  In my opinion, the implant route is currently the safest, most predictable method at this time.  My prediction that at some time the BRAVA system will become more advanced and be more predictable with less controversy.
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Use of suctioning devices

The use of suctioning devices such as the Brava system will produce breast enlargement.  This has been documented in medical literature however there is about a one cup size increase only with this massage.  Other than that system, thats the only one that will work.
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Suction to Increase Breast Size

There is a system called BRAVA that uses a large plastic cup to provide suction to the breasts.  By itself, it can enlarge the breasts minimally and only for a short time.  The problem is that you have to wear it for quite some time to get a relatively short-lived result.  Some combine BRAVA with fat injection and can achieve about the equivalent of a 200-250cc implant augmentation.  Fat is liposuctioned from your body and injected into the breasts.  Prior to the procedure, you have to wear the BRAVA device for an extended period of time to "stretch out" your breast skin and create space for the fat.  Most plastic surgeons and patients find this relatively cumbersome and the augmentation results relatively small.  Hope this is helpful.
Parham Ganchi, PhD, MD - NJ Plastic Surgeon

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BRAVA system breast augmentation?

Are you asking about BRAVA system ?  That system is rather cumbersome, take a long time to create a sizeable increase and the increase goes away soon after you stop using it.  In effect you spend a very long time 'enlarging' your breasts for a brief period of larger breasts before the fall back to the original size.  In the mean time wearing large suction cups on your chest for weeks will keep you hiding at home (walking down the local mall with them on your chest is sure to get some (unwanted) attention LOL)

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You might see small improvements, but implants are more reliable and predictable.


The BRAVA suction system can be used on its own, although I hear about it used primarily in combination with fat transfer augmentation. I don’t offer either of these options at my practice, because I don’t think the results will be satisfying for most women. The majority of women who want breast implants want a big difference, and the suction-based system only adds around one-half to one cup size if you’re lucky. These results can vary dramatically from patient to patient. If you want results you can absolutely count on and that are much more flexible (you’ll get to choose your size instead of not knowing how your results will really end up), go with implants instead.

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