Does Sucking and Pressing the Breast Increase the Size?

i am 5'2 inches tall and weight 59kgs.

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Increasing breast size

No sucking or pressing on the breasts will increase breast size unless you are nursing.  After nursing has stopped, many women loose breast size and shape.There is a temporary method called BRAVA that will modestly increase the breast size to allow fat grafting to the breasts.
Without fat grafting, the breasts then usually quickly return to their original size when BRAVA is stopped. Don't fall for the "line" from a man if he tells you that sucking and pressing or handling a breast will increase its size.

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Small change can be achieved

The BRAVA device can be used to stretch the skin in combination with fat grafting for a modest increase in breast size. The "sucking and pressing" stretches the skin and the fat transfer (your own fat removed from another area of your body and injected into your breasts) increases the volume. Most women want a bigger change than this method can provide and opt for implants. All of the options can be overwhelming and are best discussed in consultation with your plastic surgeon so that the answer can be tailored to your breasts and desired outcome.

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Sucking and pressing the breast for size increase

No.  No kind of manipulation of the breast will make them larger.  If you note it, its likely swelling and will go away.  Also no creams have been proven to work

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Manipulating Your Breasts To Increase The Size

Thank you for your question. Stimulating or sucking your breasts will only make them larger if you are breastfeeding. This stimulates your breasts to continue producing milk, keeping them larger and engorged. Unfortunately, no methods of manipulation or sucking will otherwise make them larger.
There is an instrument called the BRAVA bra that will temporarily expend the tissues by negative pressure, but this is intended as a pre-treatment for fat transfer to the breasts. Without the fat transfer, your breasts would go back to their original size very quickly.
The only reliable method to enlarge your breasts by fat transfer or breasts implants.

Sucking and Pressing Will Not Increase Breast Size

Sucking and pressing the breast will not increase breast size.
There is a system called Brava that uses suction to enlarge the breast: the device is cumbersome, the effect is temporary and may cause unsatisfactory shape changes. Some woman using the system have gotten as much as a cup size increase, but the breast will revert to its smaller size if the treatment is discontinued.
More recently, some surgeons have been using fat grafting together with Brava to enlarge the breast.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
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Breast augmentation

breast external manipulation may change temporarily the breast volume.

matter of fact, there is a device called the Brava that can do that. but like pregnancy after

those effect stops the breast will go back to its normal is or less.

so this is an inefficient way of increasing breast size

Jacques Haddad, MD
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BRAVA vacuum sucking device

The BRAVA system sounds appealing because the breasts can be permanently enlarged by undergoing an operation that moves fat cells into your breasts (by removing fat cells from elsewhere with liposuction and injecting them in and amongst your breast tissue). Before the surgery, you must wear a large and cumbersome vacuum cup over both breasts for 12 hours daily for weeks and weeks. This is uncomfortable and nearly impossible to hide under your clothing. You also must have enough fat elsewhere to take out for movement to the breasts. The treatment process can be repeated, and often is, because each surgery will generally yield about one cup size enhancement. Few surgeons are offering this technique, and those that do will tell you that many patients, who begin using the BRAVA, will give up because of the difficulty of wearing the devices.

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How increased breast size

 Short of a breast augmentation or fat grafting to the breast, there is no way to increase breast size. There is a device out there called The Brava system which if woren for 8-10 hours a day may offer some enlargement to the breast.  I have used this in conjunction with fact grafting for breast reconstruction and have seen some good results.  It can be used for cosmetic breast enlargement too,for a woman looking for a more natural breast. The process of wearing this device is quite a commitment.  If used by itself without the adjunct of fat grafting in my opinion the results of been marginal and not worth the cost of the device. Good luck

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Does Sucking and Pressing the Breast Increase the Size?

Thank you for your question.  By themselves, physically sucking and pressing the breast will not lead to a change in size. There are newer therapies developed where an external device can be worn that uses a vacuum to stretch the tissues in and around the breast, which can then have fat grafted from another part of the body into it.  This method only offers minimal increases in breast size with each fat grafting session.  Most women elect to have breast augmentation surgery, using implants, to significantly change their breast size

Nelson Castillo, MD
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Manipulation Devices to Increase Breast Size

No these types of products do not work. If any increase in breast size is noted, it is most likely related to swelling and will subside.

Alfred Sofer, MD, FACS
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