How Soon Will I Be Able to Start Wearing Makeup Again Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

Will my eyes be healed from surgery in about 2 weeks for Asian eyelid surgery? Will I have to wait that long before I can wear any makeup?

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1-2 weeks recovery time

You should be presentable in 1-2 weeks following Asian eyelid surgery. I normally advise my patients to apply makeup after their sutures have either been removed or dissolved (typically 7-10 days following surgery). Make-up may be worn directly on incisions about 10 days after surgery. I recommend discussing this with your surgeon because most surgeons have their own preferences.

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Makeup after Asian eyelid surgery

I usually have patients wear makeup a day after all the sutures are removed, as long as care is taken not to shear the incision line.

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Typically it is about a week after the last stitches are removed.

The exact time frame depends very much on what type of Asian eyelid surgery you need.  Commonly, I perform an anchor blepharoplasty and leave vicryl sutures as crease formation sutures in three locations.  Under these circumstances, I ask my patients not to wear make up for 3 to 4 weeks.  As doctors do vary in their approach, it is most appropriate to pose this questions to your actual surgeon.

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