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Smoking a Little Bit a Week Before Closed Rhinoplasty?

I am 1 week pre-op and yesterday I smoked a blunt- marijuana wrapped in a tobacco leaf. I've stayed away from tobacco for 2 weeks pre-op (I was a very light smoker, anyway). Would this one slip effect the surgery very much? I'm 18 and healthy otherwise.

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Will any tobacco smoke or smoking cause problems or interfere with results of surgery


Any smoking can effect surgery in the 4 weeks prior to the procedure. Will it effect your particular procedure specifically. It will likely compromise some blood supply and it may interfere with  your recovery from anesthetics but ut us impossible to know if it will cause you to have a complication. That is similar to predicting if someone will get into an accident after they have two alcoholic drinks and then get into a car. You know their driving will be impaired but they may not necessarily get into an crash. 

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Smoking before Rhinoplasty Surgery


I will never condone smoking, but this one "slip" 2 weeks before rhinoplasty surgery should not cause problems, especially in a young healthy individual. Knowing that most smokers use tobacco more than they admit , don't have more "slips" which could delay healing after surgery.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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