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Separate Breast Lift and Augmentation Procedures Due to Multiple Issues?

I have several issues - saggy breasts, asymmetry (nearly a full cup size difference), and loss of what little volume I had due to 135 lb. weight loss.

From what I've read, I believe I'll need a Breast lift and Breast augmentation, but I'm a little confused. Are they usually performed at the same time? I have consultations scheduled for next month, but I wanted an idea of what to expect.

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Breast Lift and augmentation in one operation is safe


Breast augmentation and a breast lift performed at the same time can be safe in the right experienced hands. The forces of the lift are counteracted by the augmentation and the scars can widen with the extra pressure of the implant, but if your surgeon is aware of these factors and carefully plans before, during, and after the operation, wonderful results can be obtained.

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Breast augmentation with a lift


These procedures are often performed together. Much is often said about a surgeon's experience and if he is 'comfortable' doing it at the same time. My feeling is more along the lines that many surgeons are experienced enough to know that a patient will leave if they are told two surgeries is in their best interest.

CAN it be done all at once? Of course, we do it all the time. SHOULD it be done all at once? Of course, we do it all the time. I think the most relevant question is directed towards do you have favorable anatomy for it to be done all at once (All bets are off if you smoke). There is a group of patients with difficult anatomy for this to work out. Some of my best results are from staged surgeries that simply could not have been done in one. The most often is to do both surgeries in one operation but be sure that your surgeon does stage them if it is necessary.

Best Wishes,


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Augmentation/mastopexy - separate or together


I typically perform both of these procedures at the same time. I find this works well and most patients would rather have one operation rather than two.  There are several situations where I do think it is in the best interest of the patient to have the procedures performed separately but these probably account for only a small percentage of cases.

The breastlift or mastopexy portion of the procedure is a breast reshaping operation.  The nipple is raised and the breast is reshaped around this new nipple position and a more youthful shaped breast is created.  The areola is usually reduced in diameter.  

The breast augmentation portion of the procedure is used to provide primarily fullness in the upper portion of the breast, improved projection and to improve the overall shape of the breast. Typically when the two stage operation is completed there is a scar completely around the areola and there is a vertical scar from the lower part of the areolar to the breast fold.  In some cases there is a scar in the fold as well.

In cases where there is considerable sagging of the breast or if the breast is already larger a two stage procedure may be best. I agree with having several consultations. Ask to see before and after photos as well. Thank you for your question and best of luck.


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Stage or combine breast lifts and breast augmentation: one or two surgeries


Surgeons vary greatly on this difficulty of this decision. IT is my impression that most surgeons perform a combined procedure but may caution patients that a revision may be required for the best result as opposed to performing two procedures and guaranteeing that more than one is necessary

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Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation


You pose a great question. Many surgeons prefer to perform the mastopexy seperately from the augmentation, however many surgeons feel comfortable doing both at the same time. If you have not had any other surgery to your breasts that would affect the blood supply to your skin, there is no reason that you could not have both done at the same time. I would be sure to ask the surgeons during your consultation what they prefer and why, and be sure to look at their before and after photos. A picture speaks a 1000 words! Good Luck!

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Breast Augmentation and Lift are typically done together


Unless there are medical issues, I do not see the benefit of staging breast augmentation and lift. Both procedures can be performed together, resulting in one anesthesia recovery and potentially saving you money as well.

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Breast lift and breast augmentation are usually performed together


In the vast majority of patients, breast augmentation and lift can and should be performed in one procedure. However, no rule applies to everyone and every situation. My suggestion to you is to spend your time and energy finding a highly qualified plastic surgeon who is experienced in treating patients like yourself. Make sure you are comfortable with him as you will be working with him for quite some time. Once you find the surgeon, let him guide you on what is the best way to proceed. It is his job to guide you and plan the procedure. Good luck!

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Breast lift and augmentation can be performed at the same time, but surgeons will vary in their preference


Hi there-

Breast lift and breast augmentation CAN be safely performed at the same time, but for various reasons some surgeons may prefer to stage them for you (do them on different days).

Your best bet is to first find a surgeon you like and feel you can trust, THEN worry about which technique they prefer. The surgeon you decide on will know what works well in their hands.

I think one of the bigger mistakes patients make with regularity is choosing a surgeon based on either a price point they like, or based on the surgeon agreeing to do the operation the patient wants.

Be careful.

Find a good surgeon you like and can trust- and listen to them.

For help finding a surgeon, please read this:

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Breasts lifts and augmentation


Generally these two procedures are done at the same time.  Certain circumstances may make it advantageous to stage the operations but 90+% of the time they are simultaneous. 

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Small, asymmetric, droopy Breasts following weight loss


You are right. What you need is a breast lift with an asymmetric augmentation (probably about 150 cc difference). All this is ideally done at the same time, and is by almost all really experienced surgeons. There are some surgeons who prefer to do the lift and augmentation at separate times. However, I have found that if I spend the extra time to sit you up and assure that I have corrected the problem during the procedure, the results are usually excellent. This, also, is the least expensive alternative. I would caution you about the results you can expect, however. No matter how good the surgeon, you will never be perfectly symmetric, only better.

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