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Should I See a Doctor if my Nose Makes a Cracking Sound One Week After an Injury?

Last week I fell off a mechanical bull and kneed myself in the nose. It bled for 15 minutes and I was in a lot of pain but I didn't have any crookedness or visible deformity. I had some mild swelling but no bruising or problems breathing so I did not see a doctor. The pain is much better (though the bridge area is still tender to the touch) but two days ago I noticed that whenever I touch the tip or bridge of my nose there is a cracking noise/sensation. Should I get it checked out?

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Nasal trauma, fracture swelling and bleeding

 Nasal trauma of this magnitude can indeed fracture the nasal bones, septum and upper lateral cartilages. Its important to make sure there is no septal hematoma.  It's also a good idea  to get an x-ray to document any nasal fracture.

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Should I See a Doctor if my Nose Makes a Cracking Sound One Week After an Injury?

It sounds like you did, at least, break the cartilage in the end of your septum. However, it sounds like the shape and appearance of your nose has not changed. It is unlikely then that you will need any surgery to repair your nose. However, you should consult with an experienced facial trauma surgeon to ensure that you're healing properly.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Cracking sound after nasal injury

If you hear a cracking noise when you touch your nose, especially after hitting it hard enough to cause bleeding, you may have broken the nasal bones or cartilages or both. If there is no change in the appearance or your breathing, it may be that no treatment is required. However, it should be evaluated to ensure that the nose doesn't need to be stabilized.

Gregory J. Vipond, MD, FRCSC
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Nasal trauma

You may have sustained a fracture of the nasal bones or the septum.  It is a good idea to be seen by a rhinoplasty specialist. If the nose is significantly deviated now from a fracture, it can be straightened but would have to be done ASAP.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Did I break my nose?

Dear klynng23,

  1. If you injured your nose, it bled, and now you can feel cracking noses, you should get this checked out because you might have broken it
  2. If it looks the same, that is great news, also check your breathing and make sure that it is improving
  3. Seeing a physician after the injury can establish a cause and insurance would cover any residual issues (breathing problems, crookedness and broken bones)

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

Nima Shemirani, MD
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