I Have Scars from Cuts/Stitches, How Long Should I Wait for Peels/microdermabrasion?

I was bit by a dog on my face and had to get many stitches, how long should I give my scars to heal before getting microdermabrasion and peels?

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Chemical Peels after Facial Trauma


I'm sorry to hear about your experience and hope that you are healing well.  I had a patient who was mauled by a bear in the face so I know that the experience can be traumatic.  

One of the things I like to use in my surgical face patients is a topical ointment that helps to minimize any potential scarring.  This is especially important in the face.  While I know you are eager to have peels and microdermabrasion, it is necessary to allow your scars to heal.  I don't know how much time has elapsed after your attack, but in my office, I usually have my patients wait about 6-8 weeks before the medical esthetician in my office performs any chemical peels and skin care treatments.

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Scars and Healing


I generally recommend to my patients that they wait at least 6 weeks after skin surgery before undergoing treatments to improve the scar.  Oftentimes with scars, a little bit of patience goes a long way ("tincture of time"). I am sorry for your dog bite experience and hope that you are pleased with your healing. 

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