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Non-Invasive Procedure to Remove Double Chin

I would like to get rid of my "double chin" but I absolutely cannot have time off from work and showing up there wearing pressure bandage after liposuction is simply impossible.

Are there any options that will allow me to improve the contour under my chin? I am 38, normal weight.

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Treatment for double chin


From your photos, I believe you would be a good candidate for a limited liposuction of the chin/neck.  To help the skin shrink or retract ultrasound or laser assisted liposuction could also be added.  This procedure could be performed under local anesthesia with sedation.  If performed on a Friday, you could remove the compression bandage by Monday, so that you would be presentable, when you returned to work.   You could then wear the compression bandage only at night. 

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Weekend Necklift is a good option for you


In my opinion, the BEST option for you is a Weekend Necklift.

Weekend Necklift is an ideal procedure for the area under the chin and neck, including 'double chin'.

The laser assisted 'weekend' necklift represents the evolution of sophisticated facial plastic surgery techniques.  These techniques are uniquely combined to achieve improvement in the contour of the chin and neck with minimal incisions and rapid recovery.

To achieve a weekend necklift:

  1. I use cervicofacial liposculpture to contour the unfavorable fatty changes seen in the face and neck as time passes by, such as the 'Turkey neck' and 'double chin'.
  2. Next I pay careful attention to tightening the neck muscles and eliminating neck bands.
  3. Lastly, I employ laser technology to 'resurface' the underside of the neck skin, thereby 'shrinkwrapping' the skin of the neck restoring a youthful contour.

After a short recovery of a few days, the patient can return to normal activity and the only evidence that the procedure has been performed is a dramatically improved appearance and a one-inch incision hidden in the natural fold under the chin. It is generally recommended that patients "take it easy" for a week after the procedure. Many patients say they feel nearly normal that afternoon, however, by the next morning they experience some discomfort.  This procedure is ideal to have done on a Thursday as most patients can easily return to work the following Monday.


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Non-Invasive Procedure to Remove Double Chin


Both previous expert posters on correct. More "bang for your buck" with some type of liposuction. I prefer Smart Lipo under local anesthesia. All the other "non invasive" therapies are very limited and unpredictable. 

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Double chin


Tumescent liposuction is your best option. The bandage is worn 48-72 hours , continuously. After that it is worn evenings only for 2 weeks. Usually , procedure is done on friday, so that by Monday, u can go back to work. It is an in-office procedure, under local anesthesia.

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Limited Neck Liposuction For Small Double Chin Has A Quick Recovery


As you have corrently surmised, liposuction is the most effective treatment for a 'fat only' double chin that you have. Non-surgical options are a possibility, such as ultrasound and other heat-generating devices, but their effectiveness is limited and results can be spotty. I have found Lipodissolve injections to be effective but they cause tremendous swelling (double the neck size) for a week after and are worse in social appearance than any liposuction result. My recommendation is have liposuction done on a friday and just don't wear a neck strap to work on monday After 48 hours most of my patients don't wear them anyway. I think you may be chasing some very inferior treatments when the traditional fat removal method would work just fine and not be as socially limiting as you might think.

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Non-invasive way to remove the double chin

 In the male chin, there are fatty deposits located above and below the platysma muscle. Both of these must be removed in order to obtain a better jawline. Once the subplatysmal fat has been removed, a platysma plasty will be required. In our practice we used drains in the neck for 2-3 days after the procedure and not pressure bandages. Most patients still take at least week or 2 off from work and social activities. Noninvasive procedures simply cannot remove the subplatysmal fat and tighten the Platysma muscle. For many examples, please see the link below to our neck lift photo gallery for double chin improvement.

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No pain, no bandage, no time off.....may not be realistic


Limited lipo may help. I understand your need to not want surgey, not have time off and not wear bandages. Your desires is the holy graile for every cosmetic complaint and the science has not gotten us there yet.  Visit with a plastic surgeon to see if your expectation are realistic before committing to spending thousands of dollars for treatemt that gives you nothing (or very little).  

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Non-surgical chin lift


The key to liposuction is the quality of the skin and not the amount of fat removed.  If the skin of the neck is tight it will recoil and redrape after liposuction. If the skin is lax then you will just get saggy skin.  If recovery after liposuciton is a problem then a treatment like Exilis can be beneficial to the right candidate. 

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Chin/Neck Liposuction?


Thank you for the question and picture.

Unfortunate, there are no “non-invasive  procedures” that are effective.

Your best bet would be to visit with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon to determine if liposuction surgery is an option.

Best wishes.

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Laser liposuction will muscle tightening is a great procedure


Laser liposuction to the chin and neck areas is an excellent option to improve the contour of the neck and jawline.  The incisions are small, and the downtime is minimal -- although it would be wise to take at least a few days off as suggested by the previous expert posters (ie., peforming the procedure on a Friday so that you have a few days off before returning to work).  I have found that while laser liposuction (whether it be SmartLipo or ProLipo) is, in general, a great procedure, there is some unpredictability with respect to results.  In my practice, I combine laser liposuction to the chin / neck areas with the jowls / lower face areas in addition to an associated neck muscle tightening procedure (called a "platysmaplasty").  This engenders excellent neck contours and yields a more defined angulation which is what most patients desire.  The procedure can be done in approximately 30-45 minutes and under local anesthesia.

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