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Rhinoplasty: Left Side of Nasal Type Feels Hard, Other Side Feels Soft?

So im 10 weeks post op. And my nose looks a tiny bit deviated to the left around the tip area. I have thick skin and my nose is really swollen. But when i touch the left side i can feel hardness. When I touch the right side it feels soft. Should i be worred about anything? Also my tip is still numb, and when i leave the shower my nose gets really red.

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Asymmetric Swelling of Your Nose After Rhinoplasty is Common


It is common to sometimes have some asymmetric swelling of your nose after rhinoplasty surgery.  Several factors affect this such as: what was performed, how extensive was the surgery, and/or what approach was used? In your case, how much tip work was performed?  The numbness that you feel is also normal.

During your next post operative visit, it would be a good idea to bring up your concerns with your surgeon.

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