Can Rhinoplasty Cause Chronic Ear Infections?

I have had rhinoplasty done like 6 months ago and had four painful ear infections since, which two of them resulted in ear and sinus infections. I do have allergies so I did get ear infections before but every once in a while (around 2 yrs). Could the nose surgery have an effect on this? I had nasal septum deviation removed on one side, nasal bump removed, and lift the nasal tip. I am very concerned.

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Can a Rhinoplasty Cause Chronic Ear Infections?

It is unlikely that a septorhinoplasty will cause chronic sinus and ear infections. However,  intra nasal obstruction of the normal air passages to these structures secondary to swelling or anatomic deviations can cause your symptoms. Consult with an ENT specialist for evaluation of your airway, ears, and sinuses.

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Can Rhinoplasty Cause Chronic Ear Infections?

While i's unlikely that the Rhinoplasty caused the ear infections may have increased the swelling inside the nose further blocking the normal sinus pathways, inside the nose, leading to sinus infections that caused the ear infections.  You might consider seeing an ENT Surgeon for evaluation via exam and CT scan of the sinuses and drainage areas.

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