How to Remove the Operation Mark After Hair Transplant?

I made a hair transplant, and i discovered that if i wish to cut my hair short, the operation mark from hair transplant appears and becomes very visible?? Is there a way, cream, product to remove it??

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Removing Hair Transplant Scars

There is no way to remove this permanent mark (referred to as the linear scar, or strip scar). At this point, if you really wish to eliminate the appearance of the scar so you can cut your hair short, your best option is to undergo a hair transplant repair using FUE. This technique will harvest a few hundred grafts to fill and conceal your existing scar while leaving almost no visible scarring of its own.

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How to Remove the Operation Mark After Hair Transplant?

I would highly suggest using FUE (follicular unit extraction) to harvest more hair and implant them into the linear strip scar.



Dr. Malouf

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Removing telltale signs of a hair transplant

All surgery leaves scars or marks no matter how minute or hidden. I presume you are concerned with linear donor scars or maybe compression of the grafts themselves . For noticeable linear donor scars , micro pigmentation (tattoos) can sometimes be done to disguise the scars or more transplants harvested by follicular unit extraction techniques might work. For recipient problems, a variety of approaches could be considered . A more detailed restatement of your condition as to appearance and location of it would merit another discussion on this forum. As far as products go, there are a number of cosmetics designed specifically to simulate scalp hair such as colored hair sprays or sprinkled on colored particles. They do not make permanent changes.

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