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How Can I Relieve the Itching That Originates Deep Below the Surface but the Skin is Numb After TT?

I've always had a small area that stayed numb after my tummy tuck 6 yrs ago. I sometimes got itch-like feelings that seemed to originate far below the surface but due to the numb skin it’s impossible to relieve the itching. They usually they went away after about 5 min anyway. However, I got an itch yesterday that was nearly constant. I could get no relief and resorted to various prescription pain and anti-anxiety meds with no relief. It’s maddening. Please help me, what can I do?

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Itching after a tummy tuck


there are several options for chronic pain , itching or dysesthesia

  1. pain managment consult
  2. ultrasound,
  3. physical therapy
  4. acupuncture
  5. injections by your physician with marcaine
  6. tegretol or similar

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Itching 6 Years after Tummy Tuck


I've had a few patients that told me that a similar itching was relieved by Capsaicin, an over the counter ointment.

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