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Would You Recommend Under the Muscle Implants for a Exotic Dancer?

I am a 34A I do not feel i am a good candidate for over the muscle implants. Would you recommend under the muscle implants for a exotic dancer who does pole tricks? One dancer who has UM implants claims her PS told her to not do pole tricks for a entire year? That seems a bit extreme to me.

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Under Muscle Breast Implants for Exotic Dancer


Thank you for your question.

I would focus on what is best for you personally which in a fit young person with smaller breast tissue would be under the muscle or sub muscular breast implants.

The benefits to you are a more natural look, less visible implant and less chance of capsular contracture or hardness.

Movement of the implant during vigorous upper body exercise and pole dancing will occur but most patients do not find this troubling and techniques for releasing the bottom of the muscle will help.

I would however recommend that you not pole dance or do push ups or other vigorous upper body exercise for at least 6 weeks and of course follow the advice of your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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Boston Plastic Surgeon
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Under the Muscle Implants for a Exotic Dancer


Each case is different. Most of the dancers who we have cared for have benefitted from submuscular breast implant placement. The benefits related to submuscular placement including look, longevity, lower capsular contracture, and lower probability of rippling far outweigh any concerns related to animation. To explore your options, consult with 3 - 4 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons.  

West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants under the muscle are best and will hold up the longest.


I would certainly utilize sub-muscular placement of the implant in your case. It appears more natural and will hold up better over time. 

Sub-glandular implants are quite noticeable and unnatural in appearance on small chested women. There is also a greater tendency of palpation and rippling with a saline implant on thin, small chested individuals.

And although pole dancing would certainly fall into the 'vigorous exercise' category, I would expect you to be back to full activity within 4-6 weeks.

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Albany Plastic Surgeon
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Minimize implant displacement


If you are size 34 A, each 100 cc's of implant would correspond to 1 cup size change.  You have not given your desired size but if you wanted to go to a D, that would require 300 cc implants.  I assume that you do not have any drooping of your breasts since you are not requesting a lift.  I would recommend silicone gel implants, retro-pectoral, as small as possible to minimize motion with muscle contractures.  Also, the implants should be placed high and completely under the muscle to minimize displacement.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

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Texas Plastic Surgeon
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Under the muscle


It is my opinion that submuscular implants have better longer lasting results. Like any other surgical wound it takes aprox 3weeks to get 80% of the scar strength which is enough for the patient to start exercise.


Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implant position and animation


The animation that you see with subpectoral implants often is not as bothersome as many people think. I personally feel that the subpectoral implant looks more natural, has a lower potential for rippling, and more importantly has a lower capsular contracture rate. You can return to full activity including pole tricks at 6 weeks after surgery. 

Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Under the muscle implants


Under the muscle position, will distort your mammogram less.  Going over the muscle has less chance of producing animation, which means, visible movement of the implant in response to compression by the muscle.  If you do pole tricks, especially in a brief costume, your muscles may push on the implant and produce a visible impression which could be an apparent give away that you had the operation.

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South Bend Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants


For all young small breasted woman I use saline implants placed under the muscle using a one inch arm pit incision. This allows early return to full function (2 weeks) with no risk of a breast incision popping open due to trauma from dancing or pole work. Good luck!

Richmond Plastic Surgeon
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Under muscle implants


I do all my breast augmentation under the muscle for the last 25 years. With the correct technique they look very natural. Obviously, there is some motion with muscle movement, however, I had one dancer who told me that she gets payed more due to her ability to move them... As far as return to normal physical activity, in my practice - 1 month.

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Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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Would You Recommend Under the Muscle Implants for a Exotic Dancer?


I take care of a large number of dancers and most are very fit with little body fat and not a lot of breast tissue and we almost always use submuscular implants. When done properly with a wide release of the lower edge of the muscle and a dual plane technique there is little significant movement of the implants during muscle activity. But that's a small price to pay for a much better looking result in my opinion.

Portland Plastic Surgeon
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