Is Ptosis Surgery Supposed to Be Painful Even After Being Given Local Anesthesia? It Was for Me.

5 months ago, I had several procedures down on my eyelids: blepharoplasty as well as ptosis and epicanthoplasty. While the blepharoplasty was bearable in terms of pain, the ptosis was easily the most painful experience in my life. I was crying and struggling throughout the procedure, which ended about 4 hours from the time of administrating anesthesia. Is it possible that the anesthesia had worn off by then? My doctor reassured me later that ptosis repair is generally painful. Is this true?

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Is Ptosis surgery usually painful?


  No. Absolutely not.  Honestly, my patients NEVER complain of pain.  Perhaps the anesthesia did wear off, as you surmise.  This is an issue you should address with your surgeon.

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