Is It Right Procedure to Remove All Tissues and Fat Under Nipple Area with Vaser Gynecomastia Surgery?

My plastic surgeon told me that in gynecomastia surgeries they use Vaser and try to remove all the tissues and fat under the nipple area and a small amount from above the nipple area. He said with this procedure male breasts would look well built. It doesn't sound aestheticly correct to me.

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Gynecomastia repair with ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty (VAZER or LYSONIX)

Although the breast gland can be significantly reduced with Ultrasonic assisted lipoplasty (VASER or LYSONIX), it is not likely that ALL can be removed. Typically this requires an incision and direct removal of the breast tissue following the VASER.

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VASER Treatment of Man Boobs (Gynecomastia)

The best treatment for Gynecomastia - "man boobs" depends on the EXTENT of the disorder. Obviously a minor male breast would require a lesser treatment than hanging, empty down to your tummy rock in a sock man breast. Often times, man breasts can be improved with Liposuction and breast gland excision under the nipple complex.

I AM a VASER user and do a fair amount of Male Breast surgery. The VASER is superior in melting fat in the very fibrous male breast and in getting an even reduction of the breast mound. However, the purpose of the operation is NOT a mastectomy but to take a female shaped breast and sculpt it into a male shaped breast. I have a hard time agreeing with the summary your surgeon gave you and would urge you to get at least another second opinion. Your city has several internationally known surgeons and you should be able to get excellent care.

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See another plastic surgeon. Vaser is a Gymmic to sell you the procedure

gynecomastia may need liposuction for excess fat, and direct excision of breast tissue

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Correction of gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is almost always a combination of two problems, and, occasionally, a third. First is actual hypertrophied breast tissue, and, second, a various amount of fat. In some men, there is also too much skin. Vaser, or any other liposuction method, can remove the excess fat. This is generally done from circumferentially around the nipple so that there is an even amount of fat left everywhere. It is the pectoralis muscle that gives the bulge in the chest.

Trying to mimic this by leaving some fat superiorly and removing it inferiorly is difficult, and probably not a good idea. In most men, in order to get a reasonable result, the breast tissue, which is very thick, must be removed by cutting it out. If you have too much skin so that it will not shrink after surgery, it will have to be reduced also.

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