Cost to Fix Nipples Stuck to Muscle After Gynecomastia?

I had gynecomastia surgery 3 weeks ago. Chest looks good relaxed, but my nipples and surrounding skin appear to be stuck to the underlying muscle when I raise my arms or flex my chest. What is the cost to fix this? Should my original doctor cover this procedure?

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Scar Tethering After Gynecomastia Surgery


Thanks for the post. At three weeks it is too early to consider doing any revision surgery. You may be experiencing scar tethering, meaning that the underside of the skin is forming adhesions to the muscle beneath. This maybe able to be improved with massage techniques and stretches. If after 6 months there is minimal to no resolution, then you should consider revision surgery.


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Nipple adherent to muscle


This may resolve with more time.  Several months should be given and evaluated to follow the process.  If it does not fat grafting can be performed.

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How to fix nipples stuck to the muscle after gynecomastia the surgery


In our practice, we have seen many patients who are presented with chest deformities or nipple deformities after having received gynecomastia surgery at other facilities. Fortunately, these patients have several options. These patients may benefit from a reverse liposuction to help even out these qualities and a surgery that will release the underlying fibers that are tethering the skin and areola to the muscle underneath.

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Gynecomastia revision

 Three weeks is very early to consider any revisions and I would highly recommend that you wait at least 4 months before contemplating and additional procedures.

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