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Prevelle for Dark Circles?

Does Prevelle work good for dark circles? How long does it last in that area? I heard it's a great option because its soft and doesn''t create lumps.

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Not all causes of dark circles are treated with HA fillers

In my opinion, there are 4 things that cause dark undereye circles:

(1) hypertrophy or thickening of the orbicularis muscle

(2) hyperpigmentation or darkening of the undereye skin

(3) hollowing or concavity in the "tear trough" area   - This is treated with fillers.

(4) small viens in the area showing through

It is best to be evaluated by a physician in order to figure out which of these causes is your issue.  Although Prevelle can be injected in the tear trough, I find that Restylane is the best product for this area.

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Not really.


Fillers are not really effective for dark circles.


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