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Post Tummy Tuck Reactions to Suture Material?

I am 16 mo post TT and have multiple hard lumps (checked for seratomas or hematomas and they were neither) down my mid-line from diaphragm to pubis. Additionally, I've had 5 revisions of the belly button as I continue to have blistering but no sutures found. My Surgeon has seen me multiple times and we re -opened the entire umbilicus area as a wound to allow it healing from the inside out. Is it suggested to "undo" the entire procedure, remove sutures and this will stop the reactions?

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Suture Reactions 16 Months After Tummy Tuck


I'm sorry to hear about your problem. If permanent sutures were used during your surgery, it is possible that they are forming granulomas or have developed a low grade infection. I have seen this happen twice with certain types of braided nylon sutures. In both cases, removal of the sutures fixed the problem. 

You may discuss this possibility with your surgeon and make sure other possible cause are considered. Good luck. 

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Suture Related Problems after Tummy Tuck?


I'm sorry to hear about the complications you have experienced. Although I cannot give you precise advice without direct examination I believe that the situation you are experiencing is related to sutures that may have been used for abdominal wall plication.

I have had a few patients who have had similar reactions,  with repeated open wounds/inflammation related to these form bodies. Eventually, these patients have undergone exploration of the abdominal wall, removal of all the involved sutures,  and  sometimes re plication  of the abdominal wall muscle with absorbable suture. These patients have gone on to heal without further problems.

I hope this helps.

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Post Tummy Tuck Reactions to Suture Material?


It is pretty common to have some of the permanent sutures work their way to the surface and cause a little stitch abcess....I usually take them on one at a time as they surface and really have not had to re-do the whole area....That may be a bit traumatic but if you have had continued problems, that may be what you need...

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