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Will I Need an Overnight Stay?

I am having a full abdominalplasty, with lipo in the stomach, flanks and back. Along with breast lift and augmentation. Will I need to stay over night? And my dr said he will put me on blood thinners after is that normal?

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Overnight Stay

While different surgeons have different preferences, the norm would be to perform the surgery in an outpatient basis. However, careful thought should be done to ensure whether the multiple procedures should be performed on the same day. You may benefit from having the surgery done in stages separating the body contouring and breast enhancement.

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Too much surgery at one sitting


I am not in favor of so much surgery at one sitting.  I feel that doing the abdominoplasty plus a lift with implants is more than enough surgery for one day.  I would then come back and do the lipo at a separate sitting.  Or you cold do the lipo and breast and then have a tummy tuck.  I do not use blood thinners like lovenox unless a patient is high risk and I do recommend staying overnight either at a recovery facility, hospital or the doctors' overnight suite.  Good luck with your surgery.  Dr. Schuster in Boca Raton

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Overnight stay after cosmetic surgery

You do not have to stay overnight. But your surgeon needs a back-up plan in case you hurt too much to go home.

You may be having too much at one time. Why? Pain and length of surgery. 

  • You hurt a lot after a tummy tuck.  
  • You hurt a lot after breast augmentation, if implants go under the muscle.
  • Your back hurts after back liposuction. You can't move. Blood clot risk rises.
  • Then there's the length of your surgery. Unless you are very thin, this can't be done in 6 hours. Risks including blood clots rise with length of surgery. 
  • I don't use blood thinners. They decrease blood clots but increase bleeding. It's safer just to have less surgery.

Consider asking your surgeon about doing the back liposuction another time.

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Blood thinners after abdominoplasty

Recent literature suggests that the risk of clotting (DVT and/or PE) is higher in abdominoplasty patients than with other plastic surgery procedures, thus, your doctor may want you to be on blood thinners for a short period of time after your surgery. You should discuss his/her reasoning in light of what you are having done and your medical history. A stay overnight after surgery depends greatly on this information as well.

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Time lasting operation time lasting into the hospital

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