Left side graft after Revision rhinoplasty was not strong enough, what can be done to correct it? (Photo)

Rhino revision, grafted both sidewalls with cartilage and the bridge with goretex, he did a columellaplasty and reduced the alar both sides.Now left side is back to where it was before surgery, and its difficult to breath on that side. Tip is still higher on left side of the bridge,and I can feel the space between the bridge and the tip. I visited my surgeon and he said we have to do another revision. What can be done this time, I really want the nose to be straight. Before pics in my pre posts.

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Left side graft after Revision rhinoplasty was not strong enough, what can be done to correct

It is hard to make my recommendations based on this info, but what I can deduce is that the goretex graft is an onlay, resulting in sinking in of the nasal wall. Likely what is needed is more structural cartilage work to first and most importantly achieve proper nasal wall support. However, this needs to be addressed obviously in a more thorough fashion.

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Revision rhinoplasty

Dear anon,

  • It looks like you will need some cartilage grafting to fix the sidewall
  • If your septum is still intact, you can use the cartilage from there
  • If there is not much septum left over, I would use rib grafting to have enough cartilage available
  • You could replace the Gore-tex with rib cartilage grafting as well

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