Is It Normal to Feel Different Types of Pain in Breast After Breast Augmentation? (photo)

I had my breast Aug. a month and a week ago.They look really good and I love them.My question is, I feel a difference in the pain on each breast. My breast on my right side, I experience little to no pain and the breast on my left side is a different story. I feel a stretchy/pulling pain by the roundness of my breast under the armpit.I usually only feel it when I lay down.I think they dropped already or atleast well on their way.In the photo it is the left breast.(your left) that I refer too

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Pain is often asymmetric after breast implant surgery

Thank you for  your question and photographs. It is very common for one breast to have more pain than the other after breast augmentation surgery. The pain may be more on one side, or last longer, or be a different type of pain. Most of the time, there is no obvious reason for the difference and it subsides over time. As long as your surgeon feels that there is not a problem, I would not worry about it. You can use ice, antiinflammatories, massage, etc. Whatever makes you feel better.

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Why is one breast more sore than the other after my breast augmentation?

From the first day of surgery on, patients commonly say that one breast is more tender than the other, and they are concerned that something is wrong. This is absolutely normal and happens to all patients. Breast augmentation is actually two separate surgeries (one on the left side and one on the right), so it’s no surprise that each side heals at a different rate and with a different sensitivity from the other.

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Pain in breasts

Your breasts can heal at different rates, and many women find that one side may not have any pain while the other is totally different. 

Breast Implant Surgery

Yes different types of pain will feel different, muscle pain will be an ache and deep soreness vs nerve pain will be more electric like in nature

Why Does One Breast Hurt More Than The Other After A Breast Augmentation?

For unknown reasons, one breast always has a little more pain than the other after a breast augmentation.  It could be differential stretching, nerve endings close to the implant, differential pressure on the ribs, etc.  The good news is that your breasts look great.  Kudos to your plastic surgeon and kudos to you for choosing your plastic surgeon. 

I believe in the prophylactic use of Accolate (an asthma pill) to decrease the chance of capsular contracture around an implant.  You probably are having just normal post op pain, but if it persists, it would be appropriate to see your plastic surgeon.  If there is, in fact, any sign of capsular contracture, discuss with him or her the use of Accolate.  In my practice, this definitely decreases pain due to the early formation of scar around the breast implant.

Pain after breast augmentation.

Pain after surgery is not unusual and often is greater in one breast than in the other. Your early result looks excellent.  See your surgeon, share your concerns, and discuss whether he (she) thinks that anti-inflammatory medication may help you with your discomfort, as your healing progresses.

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