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Non-surgical Nose Job Procedures to Reduce Nose Size?

Are there any non-surgical procedures to make my nose smaller, or is surgery my only option?

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In a non_surgical nose job fillers are injected into the nose to make it look better.  Better may mean a more symmetric nose or a more defined nose or one with a higher bridge or a more projected tip, etc.  But in all these cases the nose is actually "larger" since more has been added and nothing has been removed.  In patients who are ideal candidates for a non surgical rhinoplasty this addition and "enlargement" is actually beneficial and makes the nose look so much better overall.  

In your case its impossible to determine what is best for you based on this single picture you posted but from the look of this picture you could add a little bit of Restylane non-surgically above your bump or ideally take down the bump surgically.  Also from your picture it looks like addition of a chin implant would balance your face and actually make your nose look smaller.  But I would need to see more photos and examine you for a more precise analysis and diagnosis.  

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Non surgical rhinoplasty isn't for big noses


Unfortunately injectable rhinoplasty by its very nature can't make your nose smaller. Very occasionally a 'liquid rhinoplasty' can create the illusion of a smaller nose, but this is rare. Injectable rhinoplasty is for creating straighter nasal bridges, straightening slightly bend noses and for 'touch ups' after rhinoplasty.

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty for the Big Nose


Technically it is not possible to reduce the size of the nose with a "non-surgical" rhinoplasty.  However, a non-surgical rhinoplasty can make some noses look smaller.  Some examples of change the shape to create the appearance of a smaller nose:

1. A nose with a deep radix and a large bony hump.

2. A nose with an deep angle between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose (acute naso-labial angle).

Based on the one profile photograph, I would recommend an endo-nasal reduction rhinoplasty.  However, in general it is best to consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for more specific advice and photo-morphing to obtain the best results. 

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Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty: Benefits and Limitations


Injecting fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse, in the nose can be helpful for certain patients who would benefit from additional volume in certain specific areas. Adding filler can cause certain noses to appear less deviated, improve symmetry, and fill indentations after prior rhinoplasty. Sometimes, adding filler above a hump can make it appear less prominent. 

However, there is no nonsurgical way to make a nose smaller. I would recommend that you seek consultation with a surgeon who performs both traditional (surgical) rhinoplasty as well as nasal fillers. That way, you would have access to all the different options out there for your nose. Computer imaging is a very valuable exercise during the consultation, for you to express your aesthetic goals and for the surgeon to express what she/he could do with fillers vs. rhinoplasty. Lastly, from your photo, it appears that you may benefit from a chin implant as well, as a more projecting chin will make your nose appear more balanced with the rest of your face. 


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Make my big nose smaller without surgery

Unfortunately, I don't see how to make your nose smaller without surgery.  Based on these limited views, it is not a bad nose to begin with! I don't appreciate a dorsal hump, good tip structure, appropriate tip rotation. Your Chin is slightly recessed, something to consider. The dorsum could be lowered slightly and a slight supratip break could be achieved with minimal efforts.  Consult a rhinoplasty surgeon with considerable experience in finesse rhinoplasty if you elect to go forward. 
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Nonsurgical nose job procedure to reduce nose size

 A nonsurgical nose job involves placing temporary injectables into the nose to build up a depression In the nose. A nonsurgical nose job ads volume to the nose, and makes the nose bigger, not smaller. To reduce the nose size, a surgical rhinoplasty is required. Virtual rhinoplasty  software is available on the website below along with our surgical rhinoplasty photo gallery.

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Nasal Reduction


Unfortunately, nasal reduction cannot be accomplished without surgical intervention. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty utilizes injectable fillers to correct nasal contour irregularities. Your particular deformity will require surgical rhinoplasty and consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty and size


Non-surgical rhinoplasty is about addition of material to your nose, usually a facial filler.  By adding filler, rhinoplasty can help make the nose look straighter or more symmetric.  It is not a reductive procedure so it can not make a nose physically smaller.

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How to give the appearance of smaller nose non-surgically.


Unfortunately it is not possible to physically reduce the size of a nose, but it may be possible for a qualified surgeon to shape the nose using injectable fillers (perlane, restylane, or radiesse) to give the appearance of being smaller.  You will want to find a surgeon with a good artistic feel, since fillers won’t work for every nose.

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Non-surgical Nose Job Procedures


In general, non-surgical nose jobs can only fix issues with straightening or volume for the nose. It will most likely not be able to give you a smaller nose. I would recommend seeing a couple of facial plastic surgeons to provide you with different options.

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