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My smile is crooked. What's causing it and how do I fix it? (photos)

One side of my top lip is staying and the other side moved up and shows my gums...

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Sofie: Thanks for your question.  If your smile has been like this from early childhood, it is likely a congenital issue (acquired during development) called "congenital unilateral lower lip palsy."  This can just happen, or can be due to trauma to the nerves and/or muscles that pull down on the lip during birth.  If is more recent, it could be due to trauma to the chin/upper neck on the left side.  Finally, if you've ever had bell's palsy (facial weakness) this can be a sequelae of that as well.

You look young, but botox can be injected into the muscles on the right side so they don't pull down as much, which will make your smile a little more symmetric.  Best of luck. 

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